Organize Your Bedroom

Home Hacks: 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

There are plenty of ways to set up your bedroom, but all of these have to align with your personality to be really workable. For some, it’s super easy, while it might be a bit tougher in other cases.  Some great ideas can be gleaned online in places like the Real Simple blog article or … Read more

DIY Homemade Aromatherapy Candles to Improve Sleep

DIY Homemade Aromatherapy Candles to Improve Sleep

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a good night’s sleep, and it’s a great way to re-energize and release tension from your body. While it is always exciting to look forward to sleep, it becomes elusive for many. Some individuals spend hours tossing and turning, which often results in poor quality sleep. One way to … Read more

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Amazing Types of Bathroom Mirror That Make Your Bathroom Look Luxury

Mirrors are important accessories for your home’s interior decoration. Mirrors complete and complement the look and visual appeal of the home. Bathroom mirrors not only serve the function of complimenting your bathroom’s interior but are also used to serve functional needs. WHY NOT REGULAR MIRROR IN EVERY BATHROOM? A bathroom is a place of high … Read more

How to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier

How to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier

Vacuuming your home is a must especially if you have carpets and pets. On average, you need to vacuum your house at least once every week. This is irrespective of whether you live in a dusty region or not. Vacuuming not only helps eliminate dust but also helps get rid of allergens and mites. The … Read more

What is a Patio Home

What is a Patio Home?

Are you planning to buy a house that is affordable, and requires low-maintenance? The chances are you might have heard your real estate agent or friends mentioning about patio homes one time or the other during your hunt. If you are looking for a cost-effective housing solution, then the best property to invest in is … Read more

Homemade Detox Bath Recipes

10 Natural Homemade Detox Bath Recipes for Relaxation

Few things match up to the feeling of soaking in a warm bath after a long, tiring day. While a good old bath does the trick, adding a few wholesome ingredients into the tub can transform bath time into both a relaxing and healing experience. Every day, we come into contact with all sorts of … Read more

Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

7 Natural Homemade Toothpaste Recipes for “Green” Smile

Most of us grew up with regular store-bought toothpaste and did not really give much thought to it. However, these oral care staples contain some questionable ingredients such as synthetic dyes, triclosan, titanium dioxide, and others, making natural homemade toothpaste a better alternative. Sure, you can find natural toothpaste on a shelf in your local … Read more

5 Natural Homemade Deodorants That won’t Harm You

Commercial deodorants and perfumes can be expensive – and more than this, most of them are chock-full of harmful chemicals. Provided you came here looking for a solution to both these problems – it’s the natural homemade deodorants that you need. In addition to being inexpensive, the deodorants whose recipes we have mentioned below offer … Read more

10 Natural Homemade Bug Sprays That Won’t Hurt Your Skin

Let’s be honest: Humans can’t befriend insects. By causing itchiness in all the wrong body parts, bugs make sure that we can’t have a moment of rest by their continuous action. Throw into the mix their love for warm weather – as that makes them hyperactive – and it’s time that you lubricate yourself with … Read more