How to Reset a Dyson Vacuum

How to Reset a Dyson Vacuum?

Your vacuum is not working? You are having difficulties vacuuming since it will not suck up anything? Or the brush roll keeps getting jammed? You are probably wondering how to reset a Dyson vacuum when it has these problems. Well, resetting is something that many of us think is the solution to everything. Our computers, mobile … Read more

how to Clean Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

5 Steps to Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is likely to be one of the more important pieces of equipment in your home or office. After all, this vacuum cleaner makes your life easier as you don’t have to toil in cleaning the floor or carpet. Because it plays a critical role in keeping your place clean and orderly, … Read more

Does Roomba Work on Carpet

Does Roomba Work on Carpet?

You’ve heard a lot of good reviews on the IRobot Roomba. You may have heard that it is capable of removing dirt, dust, and debris on all floor types. But your home is carpeted. So you wonder: does the Roomba work on carpet? This is a legitimate concern especially if you have pets at home. Hair … Read more

Dyson Animal vs. Dyson All Floor

Dyson Animal vs. Dyson All Floor – What’s the Difference?

When someone says ‘high-quality vacuum cleaner’, there are several manufacturers that come to mind right away. Surely, a Dyson vacuum has to be among them. Since the ’80s, when Dyson first started, they have produced excellent products which made a name for themselves. It took Dyson nearly 20 years to build this reputation and earn the … Read more

DJ Roomba

3 Steps to Make Your Own DJ Roomba

The Roomba is not only a powerful and smart mopping robot; it can also give you hours of fun. Perhaps you’ve seen clips of the DJ Roomba and wondering how to make your own. Don’t fret as this article will teach you how to build your own DJ Roomba. The DJ Roomba first broke into the … Read more

roomba poop

What Happens When a Roomba Runs Over Dog Poop?

Vacuum cleaners make life for owners a lot easier. But sometimes things can go awry. Maybe you’ve thought of a scenario when a mopping robot runs over poop. You’d likely ask: ‘what happens when a Roomba runs over dog poop? Robot vacuum models like the Roomba have become so popular because these devices can work on … Read more

Dyson Vacuum Won't Turn On

Dyson Vacuum Won’t Turn On: How to Fix it?

Whether you have a high-priced vacuum model, or a more affordable one, malfunctions can always happen. Cordless vacuum, bagless vacuum, stick vacuum…there are many issues that you can encounter when you have any of these units. But most of the issues can be solved by following a few steps. If your Dyson vacuum won’t turn on, … Read more

dyson replace hose

8 Steps To Fix A Dyson Vacuum Hose

Can you see a tear near the end of the hose of your Dyson vacuum? Has it made its presence felt by lowering your Dyson’s suction power? Then you have two options to make things right. First up, it’s the expensive option which requires you to replace the hose altogether. The reason why we recommend against … Read more

How to Replace Roomba Battery

How to Replace Roomba Vacuum Battery?

Your Roomba battery is powered by a rechargeable 3.5Ah NiMH battery. When fully charged, the battery can run for up to 2 hours before needing to recharge. Roomba batteries are designed to last. But over time, your Roomba battery may start to exhibit signs of aging. Signs of a dying Roomba battery If you see … Read more

How to Get Roomba to Clean Whole House

How to Get Roomba to Clean Whole House?

Roomba uses responsive cleaning technology to navigate an area. This technology enables your Roomba to map a room before it starts cleaning. Some Roombas have more advanced cleaning systems than others. And although they use the same technology, some are clearly more advanced and have more features. However, at the end of the day what … Read more