How Should Be Storing Your Old Home Movies

How You Should Be Storing Your Old Home Movies?

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How to Declutter Before and During the Big Move

How to Declutter Before and During the Big Move

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Create an Energy Efficient Home

How to Create an Energy Efficient Home?

Whether you’re a climate sceptic or a climate activist one thing we can all agree on is that it is getting more and more expensive to heat and run our homes. Recent research suggests that Americans who heat their houses on gas could be set for a 30% price hike this winter whilst oil and propane users are looking at 54% and 43% rises respectively.

One way to make significant savings on your energy costs would be to sell up and move into a barndominium. If such a drastic step isn’t for you, read on to find out about the simple steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Improve the Insulation

If you were to construct an outbuilding that doubled up as an office and living space tomorrow, you’d be sure to focus on insulating it properly. If you didn’t, you’d effectively be throwing money away.

Why not take the same attitude to your current house? When was the last time you had the insulation checked? Or, has it ever been checked? If your answer to those questions isn’t some derivative of ‘I have my insulation inspected annually’ then you know what you need to do.

Properly installed cavity wall insulation can save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs, which with rising prices is an awful lot of money.

Hire an Energy Auditor

If you don’t have the time to go round and analyse how much energy you are using and how much you could be saving, hire a professional to come out and do just that. There are literally hundreds of companies offering energy auditing in the US so shop around to get a good deal.

A good auditor will inspect every area of your home and come up with a foolproof plan for you to follow which will dramatically decrease your energy outgoings. This is the perfect option for busy professionals looking to make quick and easy choices to make an impact on their bills right away.

Seal Your Windows

When we’re out in the cold heat escapes from our heads which is why your Mom always made sure you never left the house without a hat in winter! If your home roof is well insulated, the area where most of your heat will be escaping is your windows.

Get a professional to come round and inspect your window frames every couple of years to look out for gaps and holes, where hot air could be escaping. As a result it will cost a lot less to heat your home and to keep it warm in the cold winter months.

How to Create an Energy Efficient Home

Cold Wash

Laundry day can be one of the most annoying days in the week, when you have to get all your dirty clothes together, put them on the right wash, dry them, iron them and then hang them up again. It can also be a costly day, especially if you’re choosing a hot wash rather than a cold wash.

It is estimated that 90% of our washing energy bills come from heating up the cold water in the washer. A simple trick to save money is to switch to a cold wash, it’ll still do the same job but it’ll just save you more money.

Install a Storm Door

You might not think it, but installing a storm door in your home is a great way to reduce your energy costs. From as little as $75 you can get your hands on a good quality storm door that gives you an additional layer of protection from the seasons and insulates your house even further.

According to the Department of Energy a storm door can help to reduce energy loss in your home by up to 50%!

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