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How To Improve The Curb Appeal To Increase The Property Value Of A Home?

Everyone looks for an attractive home when it comes to buying. The phrase ” First impression is the lasting impression” is how anyone chooses a property while buying. Most people will only purchase the one they find esthetically appealing. According to a study, homes with beautiful landscapes for curb appeal have increased in property value from 6 to 10%.

It is essential to increase the curb appeal of a property to raise the property value of a home. Minor improvements in a house can increase appraisal value. New painting of the home, fixing the lawns, replacing broken materials, and many other things increase the value of a property.

Sometimes it takes effort to see where to start the changes to increase the value of your home. You can use professionals’ help to plan the landscape for specific changes. They are experts in transforming your home’s appearance and making it more appealing. They will have proven customer experience and timely delivery of the service. There are many ideas available that can increase the curb appeal of your property.


Investment in the lawn is essential to make your house attractive. The landscapes increase the curb appeal of any house that looks dull. An estimate states that landscaping alone can raise the property value of a home by up to 15%. Weeding, planting new flowers, and replacing other plants take an hour or two. But, it is worth the investment to increase the property’s value. You can even use potted plants to decorate your lawns.

Clean Exteriors

Cleaning exteriors increases property value and makes your home look new. The driveway is one of the areas of the exteriors that should be washed and kept clean. All the dust and snowfall over the pathway make them look very dirty. It is not a good sign to showcase your property and a muddy driveway. Cleaning the side bricks of the path and replacing them with new ones will be a better option.

Roof Updation

The roof of any house needs to be updated every 25-40 years. Depending upon the maintenance and location of the house, you have to replace your home’s roofing. Any prospective buyer will first notice any home’s exterior and roof. The average cost of replacing shingles ranges from $650-$700. If you need to improve your eye for inspection, it is better to hire an inspector to check the roofing condition.

According to a recent estimate, the average cost of working on the roof is from $7000 to $7500. It will increase the return on investment by 110%.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels have grown in popularity as a home improvement in recent years due to the increased emphasis on sustainability and lowering carbon footprints. They not only assist in lowering energy costs, but they also raise a property’s value. The overall aesthetic of the house can be enhanced while also making it more environmentally friendly by installing solar panels on the roof or in the yard. A more affordable¬†investment for homeowners, solar panels have also seen a significant drop in price in recent years. With their sleek and modern look, solar panels are a great way to enhance the curb appeal of a home while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Repainting Of Doors

Every property seller goes for repainting the doors and interiors to increase the resale value. Most doors are made of wood, which may wear depending upon maintenance. Repainting will increase the appeal of your home. Always look for a bold colour that matches the interior and exterior of your house.

The cost estimate for painting and refurbishing the door is $1200 on average. Complete replacement of the door increases the ROI to 90%.

Bottom Line

When you are staging your home, ensure you have also replaced your home appliances. With the mentioned improvement tips, it is possible to increase the selling value of your home. Curb appeal is the primary concern for any property buyers to look for while purchasing their dream houses. It can improve the ROI of up to 15% of your home.