About Us

Hello, I’m Rita! Editor of Home/Made.

We began this blog as a passion project geared toward sharing our love of all things home related. From DIY to cleaning tips, homemade wares to home living guides, We have truly found my proverbial muse in everything that goes into making a living space into a home.

From a very early age, I realized that comfort and solace were two of the most important things that we all strive for in everyday life. As I grew up and began to go out into the hustle and bustle of life outside my front door, I realized how the chaos of life was beginning to infiltrate my most sacred space, my home. For years, I battled with the idea that unkempt, frenetic households were just a common result of adulthood as our time was mostly spent pursuing lofty goals of personal and professional growth outside of the home. I practically bid adieu to any hope that I might ever be as comfortable in adulthood as I was in my early years, and frankly, it began to scare me.

One day, as I was aimlessly searching the internet for a solution, I came across a few home living DIY websites that reminded me of the comfort I took for granted as a child. As I began looking around the room from my couch, I began to see just how much disarray was plaguing my life. So, I decided to do something about it.

As I began to clean, organize, and decorate my living room, I started to feel the comfort and solace I was missing for so long. Needless to say, I was hooked on the feeling of creating a safe, empowering environment around me. I joined Home/Made blog out of my experience of losing something so dear to me but also to empower others to find their little piece of joy in everyday life, as well. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.