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Home Hacks: 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

There are plenty of ways to set up your bedroom, but all of these have to align with your personality to be really workable. For some, it’s super easy, while it might be a bit tougher in other cases. 

Some great ideas can be gleaned online in places like the Real Simple blog article or on sites devoted to design features, for example. It’s probably worth taking a look at a wide spread of ideas and distilling them down in a way that works for you. 

Have a Plan

First and foremost, come up with a plan to work toward. Once you’ve checked out a nice broad range of ideas, you can settle them in your mind until they coalesce into a framework. Once you have that basic form, you know where you’re headed. This is how we start to plan.

It need not be very detailed or precise, just as long as you have a basic concept. Then you can arrange various stylistic and pragmatic ideas into a goal. Is there a theme you like? Do you favor certain color schemes? These kinds of things. 

Be Strict!

Once you’ve decided, be strict. We tend to gather all kinds of stuff around us, much of which is barely practical. Some of it has no purpose at all. Be firm about what fits your plan and what’s got to go.

It may be hard at first, but when you get into the swing of it, you might even start to like the liberating feeling. It’s a freeing thing when you’re able to shed stuff that just clutters up your living space and has no real benefit to you. 

Home Hacks 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Innovative Storage Ideas

You might not go for the theme as such, but there are a lot of things we can learn from the Japanese style of using space. There’s a beautiful economy of space in Eastern thinking more generally, and it could be useful in loads of different ways. 

Having storage ideas that allow you to keep hold of important or sentimental things while keeping your bedroom clutter-free is a major win. It’s having your cake and eating it! You end up with the best of both worlds. 

There are great options for clever shelves or neat boxes that fit under your bed. Really any creative solution that allows you space and ease of movement will work well. Again, this is subject to personal taste but works wonderfully as a general approach. 

Last Thoughts

It’s your personal space. Everything within your space is highly subjective, and so you will have to arrive at solutions that make you happy. Otherwise, what would be the point? Once you have that basic notion in mind, the sky’s the limit for you. 

If you share your room, obviously there will have to be some kind of consensus and a little give and take too. With clear communication you can take your plan to the end. It’s certain to be an amazing improvement on what went before and likely to brighten your mood each morning!