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25 creative DIY air plant holder ideas

Discover 35 creative DIY air plant holder ideas to add a touch of greenery to your space. Easy, affordable, and perfect for any decor style.

1. Beautiful DIY Air Plant Holder

Beautiful DIY Air Plant Holder

Transform your living space with a touch of greenery by making a trendy wood air plant hanger. Ideal for those who enjoy DIY projects, this simple yet elegant design pairs the rustic charm of Natural Wood with the unique allure of air plants. At Better Homes & Gardens, you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide that walks you through the process, step by step.

Start by applying a protective polyurethane coating to your wood slices and attaching a pipe hanger. Once you’ve drilled the necessary holes and secured the hanger, you’re ready to mount your creation and add your air plant. This project is perfect for adding a natural accent to your home decor and can be completed in just a few hours.

2. Making a Floral Wire Air Plant Holder

Making a Floral Wire Air Plant Holder

Embrace the air plant trend with a creative twist using Dream Green DIY‘s guide to crafting a gold floral wire air plant holder. This easy-to-follow project adds a chic, botanical flair to your space. Wrap gold wire around a simple object, like a candle, to form a stylish container for your air plant.

Not only does this DIY add a hint of elegance with its gold accent, but it also neatly showcases the plant, making it a lovely addition to any desk or hanging display. Perfect for those who love to infuse their homes with nature’s beauty, this air plant holder is both a practical and trendy way to display your greenery.

3. How to Make Brass Air Plant Holders

How to Make Brass Air Plant Holders

Discover how to craft a stylish brass himmeli air plant holder with this step-by-step guide from Better Homes & Gardens. Perfect for adding a touch of modern geometric elegance to your space, these DIY holders are made from affordable brass tubing and are surprisingly simple to create. You’ll learn to measure, cut, and assemble the tubing into a chic upside-down kite shape, ready to house your favorite air plants. Follow these clear instructions to enhance your home decor with a unique, handcrafted accent that’s sure to impress.

4. Easy Handmade Air Plant Holder

Easy Handmade Air Plant Holder

Discover how to craft a unique DIY air plant holder with this engaging tutorial from The Crafty Gentleman. Perfect for adding a touch of greenery to your space, air plants require minimal care, making them ideal for creative display options. This step-by-step guide walks you through making a geometric plant pot using simple materials like cardstock, wooden triangles, and strong adhesives from Gorilla Glue.

Customize your creation with paint or leave the natural wood for a rustic look. Ideal for gifts or personalizing your desk, this project is a refreshing addition to any plant lover’s collection. Get crafting and infuse your home with a bit of nature’s charm.

5. Cheap DIY Birch Air Plant Hanger

Cheap DIY Birch Air Plant Hanger

Make a charming air plant display with a simple DIY project from Made in a Day. This tutorial guides you through turning thrifted birch candle holders into stylish hangers for your air plants. With just a drill, some macrame rope, and a few other basic supplies, you can craft a unique piece of home decor. Ideal for adding a touch of greenery to your space, this project is perfect for those who appreciate a low-maintenance plant option. Follow the step-by-step instructions for an enjoyable crafting experience and a delightful result.

6. Make Your Own Mini Air Plant Stands

Make Your Own Mini Air Plant Stands

Transform your home’s ambiance with a touch of greenery using these easy-to-make DIY Mini Plant Stands, courtesy of Homey Oh My. Ideal for those who love indoor plants but struggle to find stylish and affordable planters, this guide offers a creative solution. With a simple list of materials like square basswood dowels, E6000 glue, and terra cotta pots, you can craft modern, elevated stands that give your plants the display they deserve.

The project requires patience for drying times, but it’s a perfect opportunity to multitask or enjoy a break. These stands are not just charming but also versatile, capable of holding either potted plants or air plants. Follow the step-by-step instructions to add a personalized touch to your plant decor with these minimalistic and modern stands.

7. DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

Make charming DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups with this simple tutorial from Lovely Indeed. Perfect as a small gift or a vibrant desk accessory, these bell cups add a splash of color and life to any space. Start by cleaning your bell cup and removing any sticks. Use painter’s tape to make a clean line and paint the top half of the cup in your chosen hue. Add a touch of elegance by painting the rim in a metallic shade like gold. Once dry, nestle an air plant inside and enjoy your handcrafted decoration. Follow these steps for a delightful crafting experience and a beautiful result.

8. How to Make an Air Plant Holder

How to Make an Air Plant Holder

Make your own air plant hangers with a simple DIY project from Homey Oh My. The guide by Amy is ideal for adding a touch of greenery to your space with minimal effort. Using basic materials like a square basswood dowel, suede lace, wire, and air plants, you can craft elegant holders that showcase the natural beauty of air plants.

The instructions are clear and the process is straightforward, making it a great weekend activity. Plus, the added bonus of not needing to remove the plants for soaking means less maintenance. Get ready to enhance your home’s ambiance with these stylish and easy-to-make air plant hangers.

9. Homemade Indoor Air Plant Holders

Homemade Indoor Air Plant Holders

Make a stunning hanging orchid planter with ease using Better Homes & Gardens‘ simple DIY guide. Transform a sleek sphere planter into a conversation piece by filling it with lush Spanish moss and vibrant orchids nestled in damp sphagnum moss. Add a layer of soil and plant some chartreuse sedum for a lush groundcover. Perfect for indoor or outdoor decor, this project is kid-friendly and can be completed in just 20 minutes. Follow these straightforward steps for an eye-catching display that brings a touch of nature’s elegance to any space.

10. Simple Mini Macrame Air Plant Holder

Simple Mini Macrame Air Plant Holder

Making a mini macramé air plant holder is an engaging DIY project that can enhance your crafting skills and add a touch of greenery to your home. Lia Griffith offers a detailed tutorial to guide you through the process of making this charming decor piece. With simple materials like cotton rope, a wooden dowel, and a few crafting tools, you can weave together an air plant holder using four distinct macramé knots.

While this project is considered intermediate level, the clear, step-by-step instructions make it accessible for those eager to learn and improve their macramé technique. Get ready to craft a cozy, textured addition to your living space with this unique and creative DIY project.

11. DIY Wire Air Plant Holders

DIY Wire Air Plant Holders

Bring life to your space with a touch of greenery by crafting your own wire air plant holders. Ideal for those with busy lifestyles, these charming and low-maintenance plants require minimal care, making them a perfect addition to any home. On Hill City Bride, you’ll find an engaging and instructive guide to making these adorable holders using simple materials like wire, pliers, and found items. Learn how to wrap and shape the wire around your chosen rock or wood base to secure your air plant. With easy-to-follow steps and helpful care tips, you can enhance your décor with these unique and stylish plant holders.

12. Build a Scrap Wood Air Plant Holder

Build a Scrap Wood Air Plant Holder

Make a charming display for your air plants with a DIY holder crafted from old napkin rings and scrap wood. The Navage Patch offers a simple and engaging guide to making an eye-catching air plant holder that adds a touch of nature to any room. With easy-to-follow steps, you can transform everyday items into a stylish piece of decor. Ideal for sprucing up your living space, this project is a fantastic way to showcase the unique beauty of air plants. Grab your materials and get ready to elevate your home with this creative and straightforward DIY endeavor.

13. How to Build an Air Plant Holder

How to Build an Artistic Air Plant Holder

Craft a unique air plant holder with armature wire, following the easy-to-follow guide on Creatorvox. Ideal for those with a love for plants and a flair for creativity, this DIY project combines the beauty of air plants with the versatility of armature wire to make stunning, artistic displays. Air plants require minimal care, thriving with just a weekly mist and good air circulation, making them perfect for busy individuals or those less confident in their gardening skills.

Armature wire, resistant to water and air exposure, offers endless possibilities for shaping and personalizing your holder. Get inspired to design a piece that not only showcases your plant but also serves as a conversation-starting decor item. With simple materials like wire, pliers, and optional beads, you’ll craft a holder that complements any space—whether mounted on a wall or resting on a tabletop. Embrace the joy of making and give your air plants a delightful new home.

14. Quick and Easy DIY Air Plant Stand

Quick and Easy DIY Air Plant Stand

Struggling to keep plants alive? Air plants might be your perfect solution, and Homedit offers an engaging DIY guide for making a chic air plant stand. This project is simple and requires minimal supplies like a wood block, floral wire, and basic tools. With clear instructions, you can craft a modern, palm tree-like stand that elevates your air plant, adding a touch of tropical flair to any space. Ideal for those with a black thumb, this stand ensures your air plant gets indirect sunlight and occasional misting—easy care for a thriving green companion. Transform your indoor oasis with this straightforward and stylish DIY endeavor.

15. Building a House Shaped Air Plant Holder

Building a House Shaped Air Plant Holder

Making a unique and modern display for air plants is simple with this DIY house-shaped air plant holder guide from Crafting my Home. Perfect for those who appreciate low-maintenance greenery, this project transforms plastic sheets into charming miniature homes that cradle your air plants.

With clear instructions, you’ll use an x-acto knife, hot glue, and a touch of gold paint to craft a delightful habitat for your plants. This engaging and easy-to-follow tutorial ensures a fun crafting experience, resulting in a stylish addition to any room. Not only will your air plants thrive, but you’ll also add a personalized touch to your decor.

16. DIY Air Plant Holder With Rock and Wire

DIY Air Plant Holder With Rock and Wire

Make a charming air plant holder with ease using the DIY guide from Garden Therapy. This rustic yet elegant display fuses rock and wire to showcase your air plants beautifully. Perfect as a paperweight or a touch of greenery on your table, this project is not only quick to assemble but also ensures your air plants receive proper care.

With clear instructions on selecting safe materials and caring for your air plants, you’ll enjoy crafting a functional and stylish piece that keeps your plants thriving. Get ready to elevate your home decor with a personalized air plant display that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

17. Make an Air Plant Hanger – Step by Step

Make a Air Plant Hanger Step by Step

Design a modern and minimalist air plant holder with this simple DIY guide from Single Girl’s DIY. Air plants are the ultimate low-maintenance greenery, requiring only air and occasional water mists to thrive. This craft is not only affordable, with materials costing around $10 to make about 50 holders, but also incredibly easy, making it ideal for gifting or selling.

You’ll need 16 gauge galvanized steel wire, a rolling pin, and wire cutters. Start by wrapping the wire around the rolling pin’s handle, then cut and shape it to make a sturdy base. Insert your air plant and enjoy a stylish addition to your home or office decor. With bright, indirect light and a weekly water bath, your air plant will flourish in its chic new home.

18. Unique Triangle Cement Air Plant Holder

Unique Triangle Cement Air Plant Holder

Get creative with your home decor by crafting a unique Triangle Cement Airplant Holder, as shown on I SPY DIY. This DIY project is a fun and simple way to bring a touch of modern style to any space. You’ll need quick-dry cement, cardboard, neon paint, and a few other supplies to make this chic geometric planter.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to mold and customize your airplant holder. Add a splash of color and house your airplants in these handmade beauties. Not only will they brighten up your room, but they also make for thoughtful, personalized gifts. Keep your airplants thriving with light and regular spritzing, and enjoy the flair they add to your environment.

19. How to Make a Clay Air Plant Holder

How to Make a Clay Air Plant Holder

Unlock your crafting potential with a charming DIY project from Small + Friendly. Learn how to make your own Mini Pineapple Air Plant Holders with just a few materials like white polymer clay, a bamboo skewer, gold paint, and air plants. The process is simple: mold the clay into an oval shape, make a snug hole for the plant, and bake. Once cooled, a touch of gold paint adds a whimsical flair. This craft is perfect for sprucing up your space or spending quality time with your kids. Get ready to elevate your decor with these adorable homemade accents.

20. DIY Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders

DIY Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders

Craft a unique and charming addition to your home decor with the DIY Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders guide from Squirrelly Minds. This step-by-step tutorial equips you with all the necessary details to make stylish and modern air plant holders using air dry clay, twine, and a touch of paint.

Ideal for those who love greenery but prefer low-maintenance plants, these holders are a delightful way to showcase your air plant collection. The process is simple and enjoyable, offering you the freedom to personalize your planters with different colors and finishes. Engage in this creative project and add a handcrafted touch to your living space.

21. How to Build a Mounted Air Plant Holder

How to Build a Mounted Air Plant Holder

Bring the freshness of spring indoors with a DIY mounted air plants project from Idle Hands Awake. Ideal for those who appreciate a touch of greenery without the hassle of extensive gardening, this guide offers an easy, 20-30 minute craft to make a captivating living wall installation. You’ll need simple materials like brass wire, wood slices, and of course, air plants.

With a focus on straightforward steps, this activity is perfect for adding natural decor to your space. Plus, air plants are low-maintenance, needing just a weekly soak. Get ready to enhance your home with these charming plant displays that promise to defy any lingering winter blues.

22. Build Your Own Driftwood Air Plant Holder

Build Your Own Driftwood Air Plant Holder

Make a charming ambiance in your home with a DIY driftwood air plant holder, as featured on Amber Oliver‘s blog. This project is ideal for incorporating a touch of nature into your decor using a simple piece of driftwood and a handful of air plants. All it takes is a drill, a spade bit, and a few minutes to transform driftwood into an eye-catching display.

Carefully drill holes into the wood where you want your air plants to nestle, ensuring the wood doesn’t split by working slowly. For those who prefer not to handle power tools, Amber Oliver also suggests ready-made options available for purchase. This DIY is not only a fun activity but also adds an organic element to any space.

23. Homemade Hanging Air Plant Holder

Homemade Hanging Air Plant Holder

Make a charming addition to your home decor with a DIY Hanging Air Plant Holder, as detailed on The Crafted Life. In a simple 15-minute project, you can customize a bell cup with acrylic paint, add wooden beads for a touch of elegance, and hang your creation using a sturdy cord. Perfect for plant lovers, this craft is an easy way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make your own unique air plant display that’s sure to brighten any room.

24. DIY Ceramic Planters to Display Your Air Plants

DIY Ceramic Planters to Display Your Air Plants

Make charming ceramic planters for your air plants with this easy-to-follow DIY guide from Brit + Co. Transform air dry clay into stylish home decor with a few simple tools like a rolling pin, X-ACTO knife, and paintbrush. Start by designing your planter shape on paper, then roll out the clay and cut according to your template.

Score and assemble the pieces, then allow time for drying. Finish with sanding for smoothness and add a dash of color for a personalized touch. Hang your creation on the wall and enjoy the unique texture and life your air plant brings to any room. Get creative and infuse your space with a bit of nature!

25. How to Make a Wooden Air Plant Holder

How to Make a Wooden Air Plant Holder

Make a charming wooden air plant holder with this easy-to-follow guide from Envato Tuts. Perfect for adding a touch of greenery to your space, this DIY project requires minimal tools and offers a stylish way to display air plants. With straightforward steps, you’ll learn how to cut, drill, sand, and paint your wooden block to craft a unique, color-blocked base for your green companion. Ideal for those who appreciate low-maintenance plants and enjoy personalizing their home decor, this tutorial is designed to be engaging and helpful, ensuring a satisfying crafting experience.

26. Best Way to Build Wooden Air Plant Pots

Best Way to Build Wooden Air Plant Pots

Discover how to make charming air plant pots with a unique, southwestern pottery-inspired look using wooden doll heads and simple dip-dye techniques. At Almost Makes Perfect, you’ll find an engaging DIY guide that walks you through the process step-by-step. From drilling the perfect hole for your air plant to achieving an array of beautiful dye patterns, this tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their home decor. These handmade pots make delightful desktop accessories and are an affordable way to enjoy greenery indoors. Learn how to craft your own air plant holders and bring a bit of nature into your space with ease and creativity.

1. Upcycle A Mason Jar Into A DIY Air Plant Terrarium

Our first idea is a really fun way to upcycle an old jar into an air plant terrarium. I have pretty much everything to make this at home already – I’ll have to give this a try!

3. Beach Themed Air Plant Terrarium Idea

This beach-themed DIY air plant terrarium would’ve been absolutely perfect during lockdown. It’s like a little capsule of summer!

4. Make Faux Jellyfish With Air Plants!

This is such a quirky little art idea! Personally, I think it would work really well in a nursery or a child’s room. (And, if you need any more inspo for creating items for your child’s nursery, check out my 30 DIY dollhouse ideas roundup!)

5. The Garden Glove Teaches You How To Make A Chic Air Plant Terrarium

The next addition to the list is this stunning modern terrarium idea. I love this as it’s low maintenance, neutral enough to suit any decor scheme – and crazy cute! Everything we love in a DIY.

6. Need A DIY Gift Idea? Make These Quirky mannequin Planters!

Ah, another pick from my old blog! These DIY air plant holders are made from spray-painted mannequins and make adorable little gift ideas. I actually created them for my boyfriend’s birthday a few years ago – and he still has them to this day.

7. Use Clay To DIY An Air Plant Hanging Shelf!

DIY clay hanging air plant holders

How is this so cute? I would love to be this talented with clay but, alas, it has not happened for me yet. I guess, with this stretch of unemployment before me, I’m about to brush up on my skills . . .

8. Want A Minimal Desktop Plant? Try This Next Craft Project!

Air plant stand collage

I’m a big fan of minimal crafts at the moment. They look really sleek – and are a great starting point for customizing items to fit your personal home decoration scheme. This next air plant holder could easily be painted or left as-is.

9. The Dreamiest Air Plant Display Idea? DIY A Hanging Plant Corner!

Three macrame and wood hanging air plant holders in the corner.

Someone take me to the craft store to buy some macrame stat! My most recent post was dedicated to the best DIY macrame kits for beginners – and those gorgeous projects have had me thinking about the craft all week. When I saw this macrame air plant holder tutorial, I simply had to include it!

10. Love Minimal Decor? DIY These Wooden Air Plant Holders

DIY Airplant Hangers

These sleek wall hangers are perfect for air plants – but I reckon they’d also make pretty good DIY trellises for aroids too.

11. Upcycle Wood Blocks Into Gorgeous Air Plant Holders

DIY Air Plant Holders - easy and fun holders you can make at home with just a few supplies and endless imagination!

12. Hollow Out An Old Wine Cork And Use It As A Planter!

Air Plant Wine Cork Magnet

Oh my goodness, how adorable.

13. This Creative Craft TeacheS yOU hOW tO Create Faux Stone Air Plant Displays

DIY faux stone air plant holders

This tutorial showed me a very handy hack (using faux stone texture spray paint) that I will definitely carry onto my own projects. Such a fun industrial finish!

14. Upcycle An Old Kettle Into An Adorable Air Plant Terrarium

Brew new life into an old coffee pot . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a terrarium in under 20 minutes by decorating and gardening with coffee, sand, and gems. Inspired by plants and coffee. How To posted by Enid G. in the Home + DIY section Difficulty: Easy. Cost: Cheap. Steps: 4

If you follow me over on TikTok, I’m sure you know how much your girl loves a good upcycle. They’re just so fun! If a pass a kettle on my next trip to the thrift store, I will most definitely be recreating this.

15. If You Have Some Spare Wood, Try Crafting This Gorgeous Multi-Level Air Plant Holder

Birch Hanging Air Plant Holder DIY

What a practical way to upcycle old pieces of wood!

16. Get Crafty With Old Branches And DIY A Diamond Air Plant Display

I don’t know if it’s popular enough to consider a trend, but I love DIY hacks that use sticks and branches. The finished product is always so cottagecore and rustic. This DIY air plant hanger is utterly adorable – and I think it could look so cute as a little trellis.

17. Need Party Favours Or DIY Gift Ideas? Try Creating These Little Sand Terrariums


How fun would it be to receive a mini-terrarium as a party favor? I’m always up for receiving more plants. You could even invite friends over to have a little mini-terrarium building day!

18. I’m Loving This DIY Hanging Plant Display! (How Cute Would This Be On A Balcony?)

DIY Beach Inspired Air Plants Display

The next addition to this list is absolutely getting recreated on our balcony. Honestly, guys, I cannot wait to start making that bad boy over . . .

19. HomeyOhMy tEAChes You To DIY A CHic Minimal Air Plant Stand

DIY Air Plant Holders

Homey Oh My may be my new favorite DIY blogger. (Well . . . they haven’t posted a DIY since 2018, so maybe not. But I’m deeply enjoying their old projects!) These simple plant stands are an easy-to-recreate project even beginners could master.

20. Love Wintery Scenes? Try Creating This Snowy DIY Air Plant Terrarium

Need some new decor for Winter? This winter wonderland air plant terrarium is perfect for those with or without a green thumb!

Did I miss the boat on this idea, with Christmas being last month? I sure did. However, we can certainly save it for next year because it’s just . . . so . . . cute.

21. Upcycle An Old Photo Frame Into An Air Plant Display

air plants hanging on wires in white antique frame

This is giving me all the shabby chic vibes and I would just like to say thank you.

22. This Easy DIY String Art Is A Fun Way To Display Air Plants

colorful coral diy air plant string art

Plus, you get some cute art out of it too! This is another idea that I think would make a really fun DIY trellis. Oh god, I’m going to have to make some trellises now, aren’t I?

23. This Minimal Wall-Mounted Air Plant Display Idea Is Adorable

fashionlush, minimalist home decor, diy air plant wall art

If you love more minimal home decor, this DIY air plant hanger display is totally for you.



I’m always looking for ways to move my plant collection up, rather than out. Wall-mounted terrariums? Sounds like a great idea to me!