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How to Maintain a Clean and Organized Bedroom?

Staying organized sometimes feels impossible. There’s nothing worse than coming home after a large day, wanting only to dive into bed and drift peacefully off to sleep, but being greeted with clutter, mess, and piles of clothes everywhere. Especially with how busy we are nowadays, staying organized is key to maintaining your mental health and keeping your home a place you’re excited to return to after a long day in the office.

So, if you’re one of those people who seems to never be able to keep things clean, try out some of these hacks. The best way to stay organized is to make it easy, and these life-changing hacks couldn’t get any simpler if we tried!

Get Creative with Storage

One of the main reasons our spaces get messy is because we don’t have enough storage. In order to maintain a clean and organized space, it’s important that all of your items have a specific place and aren’t shoved into spaces that are too small for them. This only results in clutter.

Some great ways to maximize storage are by searching bed sales online for beds with under-bed storage, hanging a shoe rack on the inside of your closet door so all your shoes have a designated place, and investing in space-saving hangers that can hang multiple garments at once.

Drawer Organizers are Key

The top of desks and dressers is another place that is often succumbed to constant clutter. This is where drawer organizers come to the rescue! These simple, cost-effective lifesavers keep your drawers completely organized at all times. They allow you to separate small items like makeup, phone chargers, medicine, hair ties, and jewelry so you’re never rummaging in a drawer trying to find a lost earring or mascara again.

Never Touch Something Twice

One of our favorite rules when it comes to staying organized is never touching something twice. What does this mean? Never move an item to a place that it doesn’t belong. For example, instead of taking your hat off at the end of the day and throwing it on the ground, hand it on its designated hook. If you threw it on the ground, you’d have to go back and pick it up again to put it away (aka touching it twice). Instead of putting your perfume on your vanity tabletop when you’re done with it, put it back in the drawer so you don’t have to touch it twice!

This is a simple little self-discipline rule, but you’ll be shocked at how huge of a difference it makes in keeping your space tidy.

Do a Clothing and Accessories Purge

It’s way easier to stay clean and organized when you don’t have an excess of items to keep track of. Clear out that makeup from the back of your drawer that you haven’t used in a year, donate the clothes you didn’t wear all summer. These extra items only build up in your room and create clutter.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

The last step to keeping your space tidy is sticking to a schedule. Split up the work! Instead of leaving all your cleaning until it takes up hours out of your day, spend 15 or 30 minutes a day tidying up, so you’re never left with an out-of-control mess!