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7 Tips To Use A Roomba Vacuum Like Pro

The first time seeing your Roomba waltzing around the house is super exciting.

That being said, as smart, sassy, and sturdy as she is, your little helper requires a good amount of TLC to serve you better and longer. From cleaning it regularly to keeping an eye on the batteries, there is a lot you can do to get the most out of your robot vacuum.

Here are my top tips to use a Roomba vacuum like a pro:

1. Give Your Roomba A Deep Clean

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Out-and-out, the best way to get the most out of your Roomba vacuum is to clean it thoroughly and regularly. By this, I do not mean just emptying the dustbin. You will need to clean the inner parts of the unit to get rid of debris trapped in those hidden crevices.

At least once a week, do the following:

  • Remove and use water to clean the filters; allow the filters to dry before putting them back in
  • Replace your filters every month or so
  • Pop the roller brushes or extractors from their enclosure and clean using the available tools
  • Remove the bearing on each end of the roller brushes where debris hides and clean the axle
  • Disassemble and clean the side brush and front caster wheel together with their respective enclosures
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the cliff sensors, charging contacts underneath the robot and on the charging dock, and the side wheels
  • Unscrew the bottom cover and use a handheld vacuum and damp cloth to clean out the lingering dirt

2. Empty The Dustbin In Between Cleans

Empty The Dustbin
Empty The Dustbin

A little trick I use to get the Roomba to clean better and to extend its run time is to empty the dustbin after 20 minutes of the robot doing its thing. This is particularly helpful for pet-heavy households or if your area is dustier than normal.

So here’s what to do: Stop the Roomba after 20 minutes of cleaning a room, empty the dustbin and clean the filter by tapping it against the side of the trash can, then allow the robot to run until it depletes the battery or makes its way back to the charging dock.

Instead of letting the robot run around with a full bin, empty it regularly to improve airpower for efficient cleaning and long service life.

3. Give Way For Easier Cleaning

How to Clean a Fan
Give Way For Easier Cleaning

Although Roomba models are pretty smart, they still have a hard time navigating items on the floor, which can make for a bad cleaning experience.

To make it easier for the robot vacuum to do its thing, give it a wide berth and remove any obstacles out of its way including toys, shoes, rugs, clutter, and cables.

When I first got my Roomba, it always got tangled up in cables but I found an awesome solution to this—adhesive cable clips. These easily get the messy cable situation under control.

If you have particularly low pieces of furniture, try to raise or tilt them against the wall to allow Roomba to get to those hard-to-reach spots.

A mistake I used to make was storing all the clutter in one corner to give the robot enough space to clean. However, this meant it would not reach those hidden corners. These days, I gather the clutter toward the center of the room instead, and the bot cleans the rest of the space pretty well.

4. Get Your Robot To Work Regularly

How to Replace Roomba Battery
Get Your Robot To Work Regularly

The law of use and disuse applies to robot vacuums too. Leaving your robot without activity for long periods will take a toll on the battery.

Even if you have a small house and minimal vacuuming needs, try running your Roomba at least once or twice a week.

A robot vacuum is super convenient but it is not meant for occasional use only. While it can’t replace a good old vacuum, do not be afraid to make it work hard.

5. Replace Worn Out Parts

Reassembly everything and then charge your Roomb
Replace Worn Out Parts

Even the best Roomba model will wear out at some point. To avoid inconvenient downtimes, keep an eye on the robot’s parts and replace them as soon as they show signs of aging.

A robot with old brushes, clogged filters, or a problematic battery will not clean as effectively as it should. Worn out parts also make the robot work harder than usual, minimizing the vacuum’s service life.

6. Store The Charging Dock Correctly

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Few things are as disheartening as finding your Roomba dead somewhere because it could not find its way home. One reason for this is a poorly placed charging dock.

To make it easier for the robot to find home, place the charging dock against a wall and directly on the floor and not on a carpet or other item that would make the dock too unstable for the robot to mount.

Also, be sure that nothing is blocking the base for at least 2 feet on both sides. Keep the charging dock plugged in at all times.

When you clean your Roomba, remember to clean the charging base too. Wipe down the contact points to ensure the robot charges properly when it mounts the dock.

7. Preserve Battery Life

Battery Care for Roomba
Preserve Battery Life

With proper maintenance, Roomba can give you several years of service, a good number of cleaning cycles, and at least 2 hours of cleaning per session. Caring for the battery is a sure way to prolong the life of your robo vac.

Here are some best practices to extend the battery’s life:

  • If yours is a NiMH battery, remove it from the robot, charge, and store it in a cool dry place when the unit is not in use
  • The 900, s, i, and e series have the Li-Ion battery. When the unit is not in use, store the robot  in a cool dry place with the battery intact
  • Recharge the robot immediately after using it
  • After vacuuming a large area, leave the robot on the charger
  • Drain the battery completely and then charge it to full
  • After a long period of disuse, recharge the unit to full, drain the batteries, charge and then use as normal


With a little help from your end, your smart robot vacuum will reward you with many cleaning cycles and a spotless home to boot.

Just to recap my top tips to use a Roomba vacuum like a pro:

  • Clean your Roomba regularly and thoroughly
  • Adhere to good battery maintenance practices
  • Remove obstacles from the floor to help the robot clean better
  • Keep all parts and accessories in top shape