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7 Ways to Recycle Your Vacuum

With all the climate change that is happening and reoccurring studies that prove how damaging human behavior is for our planet, recycling is becoming more and more significant. From everyday stuff we use to some old things we have not touched in years – most of it can be reused or recycled. So why not do it with your canister vacuum? If it is broken or you simply want to get a new, upgraded one, you can do something useful with the old one, and not just put it in the trash. So in this article, we are talking about 7 ways to recycle your vacuum.


Recycling Center
Recycling Center


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about recycling are the various recycling centers. Since we produce a lot of garbage, there are many places that deal with it. You need to contact them to see whether you can bring your upright vacuum, and in most cases, they will accept it. Almost all vacuum parts are recyclable and they will be happy to take it.

2. Donation Center

Donation Center
Donation Center

If you have a working vacuum, you can bring it to a donation center or a local shelter. This way, you are not only recycling, but you are also helping someone in need. Unfortunately, many people or not fortunate enough to be able to provide the basic things for their families, let alone a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a family out there will be thrilled to use your corded stick vacuum.

3. Vacuum Manufacturer

Another option you have is consulting the manufacturer of the vacuum. If you are buying a new vacuum and you have an old one, they may give you some recycling options. Often they will pick up the old handheld vacuum for example, while they are delivering the new on to your doorstep. They will, of course, do this for any vacuum type. But it is even more convenient for you since you do not even need to bring the vacuum on your own somewhere and leave the house.

4. Selling the Vacuum Online

Another option you have is not as charitable as previous ones, but it is still better than simply throwing away the vacuum. If it is functional, you can resell it online. Many people are looking for a decent quality used vacuum which they can buy for a much lower price. This way, you are not simply wasting the material, and you are also giving someone else a chance to use it.

There are many websites you can use for this such as eBay or Preloved, but make sure you describe your unit well together with its advantages and faults. If it is in any way damaged or lacking performance, you need to state that in the listing you post. Some great pictures will help you sell it faster. Being honest about the condition of the vacuum will ensure that there are no uncomfortable situations later on. If you sell someone something and they have too high expectations, be sure that they will blame the unsuccessful purchase on you.

Here is a 10-minute video explaining how to list items on eBay. It can help you a lot if you decide to go with this option:

5. Selling Vacuum Parts

If you think you cannot sell the entire vacuum, there are certainly some parts that are working perfectly. You can start collecting all the tools you have and cleaning them thoroughly. By making a bundle, you can sell it online very quickly since vacuum owners are always looking for a bargain when it comes to tools.

Also, if you have some spare filters left, especially high-quality ones, you will be able to sell them and return the money you spent on them. As for the other vacuum parts, you need to disassemble the entire vacuum to see if you have something worth selling. Surely, some vacuum owners are looking for spare parts, and you may have that for them.

6. Selling the Vacuum to an Electronics Store

Electronics Store
Electronics Store

If you are not thrilled about the idea of selling the vacuum online, or you simply do not have enough time to do that, you can contact a local electronic store and see if they would take your vacuum. This way you do not need to talk to potential buyers or spend time on posting the listing. Just walk into the store and try negotiating the best price you can.

7. Make Something Interesting out of Your Vacuum

The final option we have for you is probably the most creative one. All previous possibilities we mentioned would benefit you or someone else, but this final one is the most fun one. Especially if you have a broken vacuum, you can turn it into a toy for the entire family.

A robot vacuum, for example, is certainly interesting to your pets while it is working. Now that you do not use it, or it is broken, you can let them jump around it and play with it.

You can even include your kids into this little game and let them take the vacuum apart or decorate it. If you have a future little genius in your home, he or she may be interested to disassemble the entire vacuum to see how it works. You do not get a lot of chance to allow this to your children, so why not do it now.

Finally, you can use the vacuum parts for something else. If you hollow out the inside of your vacuum you can use it for storing something or plant a plant inside of it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to put your old vacuum to use. You can do a good deed and gift it to someone in need if it is working. Or you can sell it for a lower price and help someone out in that way. If it is broken, there are surely some useful working parts left. in any case, you do not have to throw out a perfectly working unit or its parts. Recycling is very important so this is a bandwagon you should definitely jump on!