7 Best Handheld Vacuums of 2019 – Top Hand Vacuum Reviews

Cleaning your home or your car is a long and tedious chore. What makes it even worse is that you need to do it over and over again. So how can you make this taskmore manageable and less daunting?

One thing you can do is make it faster by adding a handheld vacuum to your cleaning arsenal. You can use it fortidying up the mess your children or your pets made.

In seconds, you can get back to enjoying a spotless and fresh living space. Finding the best handheld vacuum for your needs will make cleaning effortless and less exhausting.

Top Pick
black and decker handheld vacuum


  • Lithium-ion battery for the best performance
  • Smart Charge technology makes the vacuum energy efficient
  • Fast charging and 25 minutes of run time
  • 15.2 AW suction power to pick up any type of dirt or hair

Why Do We recommend it?

When it comes to the best handheld vacuum on the market, our recommendation is the Black + Decker CHV1410L. This handheld vacuum is cordless and lightweight, so you can use it easily wherever you need it. It has a high suction power of 15.2 AW and comes with a washable filter, so the suction power is constant.

Additionally, it is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will ensure consistent power as well as the suction. Apart from being able to pick up anything, the dirt will go to a translucent dustbowl, so you will know exactly when you need to empty it.

Upgrade Pick
dyson handheld vacuum

Dyson V7 Trigger

  • Powered by fade-free lithium batteries
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Has a hygienic dustbowl emptying system

Why Do We recommend it?

The runner up on our list of best handheld vacuums is the Dyson V7 Trigger. This model is also cordless and lightweight for cleaning up the mess quickly and efficiently. It is powered by the Dyson digital motor and lithium-ion batteries which hold a charge longer and ensure efficient cleaning.

It will provide you with a consistent suction power so you can pick up both fine dust and pet hairs. When it comes to dirt you clean, it all goes to a dustbowl which is very easy and hygienic to empty. Besides all of this, there are several additional tools included which will help you reach all dirty areas.

Best Handheld Vacuum Comparison Chart 2019

Best Value
black & decker™ 20-volt lithium cordless handheld vacuum


  • Lithium technology and a high performance motor for the best suction power
  • A pivoting nozzle and additional tools for reaching tight spaces
  • A washable filter and a three-stage filtration system
Best for Stairs
shark handheld vacuum

Shark Rocket hv292

  • Ensures enough suction power to pick up dirt and hair
  • Easy to maintain and empty with washable filter and a bagless dirt bowl
  • Comes with a motorized brush for vacuuming hair and debris

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

How did we pick?

Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum

1. Corded vs Cordless

One of the most important characteristics of a handheld vacuum is whether it is corded or cordless. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so we outlined the essential information.

Corded handheld vacuums are a more traditional type since they have been here for a long time. They are powered with consistent power out of an outlet. This ensures constant suction and a long time of use. However, you are limited by the length of the cord, so you need to plug it in and out depending on where you are vacuuming.

On the other hand, cordless vacuums are a somewhat new invention. Batteries power them, so you can take it in your hand and transport it to wherever needed. However, you need to charge these vacuums before every vacuuming, and the length of use depends on the battery. Additionally, since cordless vacuums are still an innovation in this field, they are usually more expensive than their corded counterparts.

2. Lightweight

Another important characteristic of vacuum cleaners is their weight. You will be using them a lot duringthe week, and vacuuming should not be more physically demanding than it already is.

Therefore, you need to take into account the weight of the vacuum. One excellent option when it comes to this it the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L. Besides many of its useful features, it is also very lightweight. It allows you to use it longer and get into all those difficult-to-reach places.

3. Battery Life

If you opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner, battery life is something you should look into carefully. This will affect the performance of the vacuum since the power directly influences the suction power. Two features to consider are battery charge and run time. You should choose a battery that charges quickly but not at the expense of run time.

You still need your vacuum cleaner to be charged long enough so you can finish cleaning. One of the best battery types is the lithium-ion battery. It meets all the requirements we mentioned above – it charges fast and provides consistent power longer than other batteries.

4. Attachments

Next important feature we considered when making the list of best handheld vacuums on the market is the number and the versatility of the attachments. Attachments and accessories are not a must-have when it comes to vacuums, and they are certainly not the most important criteria when choosing the right one. But they are still very convenient to have.

They can help you reach tight places without having to move the furniture around. You can also use them to clean spaces which you would otherwise skip, or use a cloth on. If this is something you find interesting, then SOWTECH 2-in-1 Vacuum may be the right choice for you. Besides all other striking features, this vacuum comes with six different accessories which you may find very useful.

5. Suction

Another vital point to keep in mind is the suction power of the vacuum you choose. High suction power ensures that your floors, carpets and furniture will be clean from any type of dirt including dust, hair or food crumbs. If you choose a corded vacuum cleaner, it should provide you with consistent suction power which will get rid of all dirt mentioned above.

But, if you think about getting a cordless vacuum, suction power can be a bit problematic. However, if you choose Dyson V7, you should not have problems with this either. This vacuum has enough power to provide you with great suction power throughout the whole cleaning process.

6. Size and Capacity

The final point we considered in choosing the best handheld vacuums are their size and capacity. If you are going to carry a vacuum around your house, whether it be corded or cordless, you do not want it to be bulky and awkward to transport.

However, a compact handheld vacuum cleaner may have a disadvantage of having small bin capacity. This is another feature to keep in mind. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you have to take into account your cleaning needs and choose a suitable one with enough capacity to contain all the dirt you vacuum. 

How to choose a handheld vacuum for pets hair?

Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum

If you are a pet owner, you inevitably encounter many challenges during the day when it comes to cleaning your home, your car or any other space where you bring your pets to. The most common problem is the hair that gets onto everything. One option for dealing with hair are lint rollers. They are inexpensive and usually get the job done. But what about other mess your pet make? Spiltcat litter or dog food all over the floor are not a great sight. To solve this problem, you may want to look into a handheld vacuum specifically designed for pet owners.

But what should this vacuum look like, and what are the essential features?
Since you will be using this vacuum every day, you need it to be lightweight and compact. This will make it easier to take it in your hand and go wherever the mess is.

Next, you want to choose a vacuum that provides consistent suction, powerful enough to pick up hair and bigger litter. If you go for a corded vacuum, you will probably not have problems with this. But, if you want a cordless vacuum, make sure the battery provides fade-free power, so choose a lithium-ion powered vacuum.

The next useful feature would be a specialized nozzle to help you with the mess on different kinds of surfaces. Accessories are always cool, but they are especially helpful to pet owners.

Finally, get a handheld vacuum that can be emptied outeasily. You will be using it a lot, and maintaining it should be a piece of cake. All of these features, and more, you can find in the Bissell Pet Hair 33A1. Since it is specially designed for getting rid of annoying pet hair and dry mess, it should be an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal.

What is the best handheld vacuum for car?

handheld vacuum reviews

If you are a car owner, you know how difficult it is to maintain the interior of your vehicle until you get the time to go to professional detailing. Eating and drinking in the car, or having pets, can make a mess on the seats. However, by finding a suitable handheld vacuum for your needs, you may find it more enjoyable to spend time in your car since it will always be clean. Additionally, you will spend a lot less money on professional cleaning, since you will be able to prolong the time between cleanings.

How should you choose a vacuum cleaner for your car? There are some features to keep in mind.

The first important thing is the power source. A corded vacuum will provide you with consistent power and strong suction, but this option is not suitable for cleaning the car. You have to be near a power outlet for it to work. If you do have a power outlet somewhere near the place you are going to clean your car, then you can go for this option. There are also vacuum cleaners which you can plug into the 12V outlet in your car, the one which usually powers the cigarette lighter. However, these models have the least consistent suction power.

A more convenient choice for a car vacuum is a cordless vacuum. You can find ones which still have a good suction power although they are battery powered. These vacuums can be charged at home and brought to the car when necessary. If the vacuum you choose has a longer run time, as the Holife HM036 has, you can even leave it in your car for some time. This is why this model may suit your needs the best.

 Some other features you should look for in a car vacuum are additional attachments, especially those for tight spaces. Furthermore, it would be great if the vacuum could pick up liquid as well since spills often happen in cars.

Do you need a handheld vacuum for stairs?

best portable vacuum

Stairs are one of the most difficult areas to vacuum. Not only is it tough to go up the stairs with a vacuum, but there are also many corners and crevices that need to be carefully cleaned. If you have an area like this in your home, you would undoubtedly benefit from a handheld vacuum designed to tackle cleaning the stairseasily. Here are some features that make a good handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs.

The first important feature is the size of the vacuum. Since you will be going up and down the stairs, you do not want something heavy and bulky to drag with you. The capacity of the dust bowlalso matters. Frequent pauses to empty the vacuum only make the cleaning time longer, so you want to avoid that.

Another important feature is the reach of the vacuum. If you choose a cordless type, you will be able to vacuum the whole stairs without worrying about power outlets. But keep in mind that you need a powerful battery to ensure that the suction power is strong enough. On the other hand, a corded vacuum will have enough power to pick everything up, but the cord length needs to be at least 15ft or longer to be able to reach the whole stairs.

Finally, the best handheld vacuum for stairs should be versatile enough to vacuum the other parts of your home as well. It should be able to pick up hair and dust from different surfaces, including carpet and wood. A few useful attachments would help immensely with this, so see if a crevice tool and a motorized brush come with the vacuum. A great model that has all these qualities is the Shark Rocket hv292 so it may be the right choice for vacuuming your stairs regularly.

Best Handheld Vacuum Reviews of 2019

1. BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L - Our Top Recommended

black and decker cordless handheld vacuum

Our first pick among all the handheld vacuums out there is the Black + Decker CHV1410L model, which is packed with many distinguishing features.

This vacuum is cordless, so it is powered with a lithium-ion battery. This battery type ensures the best performance, and it proved to hold a charge the longest, up to 18 months.

Additionally, the Smart Charge technology makes vacuum energy efficient since it uses 50% less energy.You can store your vacuum on the charger, and it will stop charging when the battery is full, usually after 4 hours. This prolongs the battery life and gives your vacuum cleaner a long lifespan. Not only it will last, but it will always be ready for use.

black and decker handheld vacuum cleaner

Furthermore, this vacuum is very lightweight with only 2.6lbs and easy to carry. Still, it is very powerful. The suction is strong with 15.2 AW, and it will collect all dirt into a translucent dustbowl of 0.6 L. You will be able to see when the bowl is full and empty it easily. This capacity and the run time of 25 minutes will allow you to vacuum every space that needs it and keep it clean at all times.

As for the additional characteristics, it features a washable filter, and it comes with a flip-up brush and a crevice tool. It also has a rotating slim nozzle which can be removed and washed.

Even though this vacuum has many useful features, there are some negative sides to it as well.

The first con is that the battery is not replaceable. Therefore, if the vacuum stops working because of the battery, a user cannot simply replace the it, but has to replace the whole handheld vacuum.

Another negative is that this handheld vacuum is very loud. When compared to other models, it is louder than many, so if this is an important point for you, keep it in mind.


  • Cordless and lightweight so it is easy to carry
  • Lithium-ion battery for the best performance
  • Smart Charge technology makes the vacuum energy efficient
  • Fast charging and 25 minutes of run time
  • 15.2 AW suction power to pick up any type of dirt or hair
  • Easy to empty the translucent dustbowl


  • Users cannot replace he lithium-ion battery; hence the whole unit has to be replaced in case of the battery dying
  • Considerably louder than some other handheld vacuum models

2. Dyson V7 Trigger - Upgrade Pick

dyson v7 trigger cord-free handheld vacuum

Our next pick comes close to our top recommendation since it comes with some interesting features. It is the cordless Dyson V7 handheld vacuum.

This cordless model is powered by the Dyson digital motor V7 and fade-free lithium-ion batteries. This ensured that there is enough power to provide a consistent suction during cleaning. This powerful suction is what sets this vacuum cleaner apart from the others. If you are on the look for a vacuum that can capture anything, this may be the right choice for you. The Dyson V7 Trigger will pick up even the smallest particles and fine dust. It will leave you with spotless carpets and furniture.

Additionally, all the dirt it picks up goes to a very well-designed0.53 L dustbowl. What is unique about it is that you can empty it in a single action, without ever touching the dirt.

dyson cordless handheld vacuum

Besides this, this Dyson model comes with a combination tool, a crevice tool and a mini motorized tool. All of these accessories will help you thoroughly clean anything you need to, and the vacuum will also provide you with up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction to finish any chore. The mini motorized tool is perfect for removing pet hair and stubborn dirt, while the combination tool is a good option if you want to dust any surface gently.

Apart from being cordless, this vacuum weighs only 3.77lbs. Although it is a bit heavier than our top recommendation, it is still lightweight enough to carry it to wherever the mess is, and clean up in seconds.

And now, let us mention a few negatives.

First, since the price is a bit higher, it would be useful to have a wall mount in the pack. This would be a great place to store the vacuum, and it would save customers a hassle of buying it separately.

Secondly, if you use the Turbo speed which provides more suction and ensures faster cleaning, it will eat up the battery, and you will not be able to clean longer than 10 minutes.

Finally, charging lasts for about 3.5 hours, which may be a little too long for you to wait if you need to clean quickly and instantly.


  • Powered by fade-free lithium batteries
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Has a hygienic dustbowl emptying system


  • Does not come with a wall mount
  • Lasts only 10 minutes on higher speed
  • The battery takes longer to charge

3. BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL - Best Value

black and decker lithium handheld vacuum

If you are on the look for the best value for money, this next model may be the perfect match for you. It is the cordless Black + Decker BDH2000PL vacuum cleaner.

This model provides you with a consistent power thanks to the lithium technology. This, and the high-performance motor ensure you get fade-free suction the whole time the vacuum is on. What also keeps the suction power strong is the cyclonic action which removes the debris away from the filter. Because of this, there is no accumulated dirt which would influence the suction.

As we already mentioned, this model is cordless and easy to carry around. It is a bit heavier than other models we mentioned since it weighs 5lbs. However, it is still lightweight enough to reach any dirty surface. But what makes it convenient to use on shelves, under the sofa or in any other hard-to-reach place is the pivoting nozzle. This nozzle will move in any direction you need it, so you do not need to go out of your way to clean certain areas. It also comes with an on-board brush and crevice tool to make reaching tight spaces even more convenient.

black decker handheld vacuum

Next great feature of this model is the three-stage filtration system. It will ensure a clean air exhaust, and there is also a washable filter in the pack. When it comes to storing your vacuum away, this model comes with a charging base for trouble-free storage and charging. All of these features, and the 35 minutes of run time will make cleaning a piece of cake.

For the price, this model offers a lot. However, there are a few negatives that need to be mentioned.

When it comes to emptying the 0.6 L dustbowl, there may be some problems. Because of the design of the bowl itself, lint may fet stuck in it, and you may need to pick it out. Additionally, if you have pets, their hair will almost certainly get stuck in there.

Another small negative is that some dirt can fall out of the nose if the dustbowl is full when you store the vacuum. Therefore, it may be a good idea to empty the dustbowl after each use, but this can be a hassle.


  • Lithium technology and a high performance motor for the best suction power
  • A pivoting nozzle and additional tools for reaching tight spaces
  • A washable filter and a three-stage filtration system


  • Emptying the dustbowl can be tricky
  • Dirt can stay in the nose and fall out when you store the vacuum

4. Bissell Pet Hair 33A1 - Best Handheld Vacuum for pet hair

bissell handheld vacuum

If you are a pet owner looking for a way to clean up the dry mess your furballs make or get rid of pet hairs, then this next model should help you with that. The Bissel Pet Hair 33A1 is specially designed for pet owners and vacuuming stairs, cars and upholstery.

It has a 16ft long cord, which will provide consistent power and strong suction. You do not have to worry about the battery or charging it.You just need to plug it in and clean the mess. Even though it is corded, it is still easy to carry around because it weighs only 5lbs. It has a capacity of 0.78 L so it can take up a lot of dirt and when you want to clean it, you just open it and shake the dirt out.

What makes it especially useful for pet owners are the specialized nozzles that come with this model. There is a rubber nozzle which attracts hair and makes it easier for the vacuum to pick them up. The other nozzle is the suction one, which you can use when dog food or cat litter gets spilt. Finally, there is also a contour nozzle which makes getting dirt and hair out of upholstery a child’s play.

bissell pet hair eraser handheld vacuum corded 33a1

Thanks to the multi-layer filtration – a pleated post motor filter and a filter screen – the suction of this vacuum will always be strong and sufficient for tackling the mess made by your pets. You will also be able to do it quickly, since the vacuum is designed to fit the hand perfectly, has a comfortable grip and is very compact.

This Bissel vacuum is indeed a life-saver for pet owners, but it has a tiny flaw that could be fixed. This model has air vents on its sides. When you approach the mess to clean it, and this happens mostly with hair, the air will stir up the hairs and make them challenging to vacuum.


  • Suitable for removing pet hair and mess from different surfaces, including stairs and upholstery
  • Has a multi-layer filtration system
  • Has a 16ft cord
  • Comes with a rubber, a suction and a contour nozzle
  • Has a dirt bowl capacity of 0.78 L
  • Consistent power provides fade-free suction


  • Air vents are on the sides of the vacuum cleaner

5. Holife HM036 - Best Handheld Vacuum for Car

holife handheld vacuum manual

Our next pick is made for cleaning different spaces, but it is especially suitable for keeping your car spotless. This Holifecordless vacuum is powered by a 90-100W motor and a lithium battery which holds more energy and recharges quickly. This provides a consistent 6KPA cyclonic suction and ensures a run time of 30 minutes after charging for about 3 to 4 hours on the charging base it comes with.

What makes this vacuum very convenient for cars is the fact that it can vacuum both dry mess and spills. It comes with three accessories. There is a liquid nozzle for vacuuming liquid (up to 100ml), a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces in the car and a dusting brush to clean delicate surfaces. Together with powerful suction, these tools will allow you to maintain the interior of your car between professional detailings easily.

Another feature that makes this model very useful for car cleaning is that it is lightweight and compact. With only 3.27lbs it is one of the lightest vacuums on our list.

Moreover, it is one of the most quiet ones. Thanks to the motor, it does not make a lot of noise, and it will not disturb anyone around you. Additionally, whatever you pick up from your car will go directly to a removable translucent dirt bowl which is easily emptied by pressing a button. At the same time, you can take out the washable filter, and when you put everything back into place, the vacuum is ready to use.

There is, however, one negative that needs to be mentioned. Even though this model is packed with some very useful features for cleaning the car interior, the filter could use a different design. It happens that the suction power lowers drastically because the filter gets clogged up.

The other drawback is the selection of attachments. Although this model comes with three, it lacks one which would make vacuuming hair a lot easier. This would benefit pet owners who transport their pets in their cars.


  • A powerful motor and a stable 6KPA strong suction
  • Vacuums both dry and wet mess
  • Comes with three attachments
  • Cordless and lightweight – very portable
  • A lithium battery and a 30 minute run time
  • Quiet and unobtrusive


  • The filter gets clogged, and the suction power lowers
  • Could have another attachment for vacuuming pet hairs

6. Shark Rocket hv292 - Best Handheld Vacuum for stairs

shark rocket handheld vacuum

The next model we have should help you tackle one of the most challenging places to vacuum in your home – the stairs. It is the corded Shark Rocket hv292. This model is suitable for cleaning any surface, and it picks dirt and hair equally well. Thanks to the 15ft cord, you will be able to reach a lot of space without having to worry about where the power outlet is.

Another feature to point out is the weight of this vacuum. It is only 3.7 lbs heavy so it should not be difficult to carry it up the stairs and carefully get into every crevice and corner.

Next, there is also a flexible hose attachment that connects different tools to this vacuum. Additionally, there is a motorized brush tool which helps in picking up dirt and debris, but it also ensures that no pet hair is left behind. Besides this brush, this model also comes with a 12” crevice tool and a dusting brush. All of these make the Shark Rocket hv292 very convenient to use on stairs.

shark cordless handheld vacuum

When it comes to using and cleaning this Shark Rocket vacuum, it could not be simpler. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable in hand, but the dust bowl is easily emptied by pressing the button on the front of the vacuum. What is also convenient is that the dirt bowl capacity is 1.1 L, which makes it one of the largest ones on our list.

You can finish vacuuming the whole stairs and even use this vacuum in other rooms, without having to empty it all the time. Moreover, maintaining this model is undemanding since there is a washable filter, and there is no dust bag to change.

As for the negatives, since this vacuum model is perfect for the stairs, it would benefit an even longer cord. The cord is 15ft long, but if you have a spiral staircase or a longer one, this may not be enough.


  • Ensures enough suction power to pick up dirt and hair from any surface
  • Easy to maintain and empty, thanks to the washable filter and a bagless dirt bowl
  • Comes with a motorized brush for vacuuming hair and debris


  • A 15ft cord may not be long enough, so you may need an extension cord

7. SOWTECH 2 in 1 Vacuum - Best Handheld Vacuum with attachments

Sowtech handheld vacuum review

Our final pick made this list for several good reasons. This cordless SOWTECH vacuum is powered by a 4000mAh battery which provides good suction for up to 40 minutes. This makes this model one with the longest run time on this list. You will be able to clean up the dry mess, upholstery, your dining table, pick up pet hairs, and still have time to go through some other rooms in the house. It can also be used on the stairs or in your car.

What sets this specific model apart from others is that it comes with six different attachments. It can suck out hair, dirt and mites out of different surfaces thanks to the pro-cyclonic suction and they all go to a 1 L dust bowl. All of this makes the SOWTECH vacuum very versatile, but it is also simple to use. It has a stainless-steel washable filter, so it is also durable and maintaining it is effortless.

Another good thing about it is that it is one of the most lightweight vacuum on our list, with only 3.3lbs. It is especially recommended for arthritis patients but also anyone who looks for an extremely lightweight cleaning tool. Additionally, this model makes less than 75dB of noise, which your children and your pets may appreciate. You can also use during the night or while your family members are sleeping, and you will not have any complaints.

When it comes to the negatives, this handheld vacuum provides less suction power than some other models. Therefore, it is suitable mainly for tackling small messes quickly and not for deep cleaning of your carpets.


  • Pro-cyclonic suction for sucking out different types of dirt
  • Versatile thanks to six different attachments
  • Cordless and lightweight so easy to work with
  • 40 minutes of run time and a rechargeable 4000mAh battery
  • A stainless-steel filter that can be washed for easy maintenance
  • Quiet and convenient for cleaning in the evening


  • Less suction power than some other models.

Choose the best handheld vacuum for your needs

As you have seen, cleaning can become a child’s play with the right tools. What the best handheld vacuum is for you depends on many factors. If you are a pet owner, you will surely appreciate a vacuum powerful enough to get rid of that pesky pet hair.

If your children leave a mess in the living room every time they play, then you need something lightweight and simple. In any case, with so many excellent handheld vacuum models on the market, you will certainly find the perfect one for you. We hope you will find our recommendations and our guide useful in your search for the vacuum that fits your needs.