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How to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier

Vacuuming your home is a must especially if you have carpets and pets. On average, you need to vacuum your house at least once every week. This is irrespective of whether you live in a dusty region or not. Vacuuming not only helps eliminate dust but also helps get rid of allergens and mites. The downside, however, is that nobody loves vacuuming. This is more so if you have to do it on a regular basis. The good news is there are a couple of tips you can use to make vacuuming your home easier.

Have a vacuuming schedule

One of the best things you can do to make vacuuming easier is to create a vacuuming schedule. You should pick a day of the week for vacuuming. The best thing about following a schedule is that the routine will guarantee your floors are always clean and you will be mentally prepared for the task.

The worst mistake most homeowners make is that of only vacuuming when things are visibly dirty. The longer you take to vacuum your home the harder the job will be. Even if your carpet and floors look clean, you need to give them a quick pass on your selected vacuuming day.

Invest in a decent machine

The main reason you are finding vacuuming too taxing is probably that you own a low-quality vacuum cleaner. A vacuum with poor suction will force you to clean one area several times before getting the results you desire. Poor suction in a vacuum further means you will never get that clean and fresh smelling carpet you have always wanted.

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, avoid the cheapest ones. You should go for a good all-rounder that is effective on any type of floor. Your vacuum should also work great on heavy and light carpets. In addition to having great suction, the right vacuum should be lightweight for easy handling.

“Vacuuming with a rubbish machine is just going to make your job twice as hard, you have to think, what is more valuable to you, more time or having a cheaper vacuum?” Richard – TheVacuumExperts.com

Vacuum in both directions

Not vacuuming in both directions means all the dirt will not be sucked in. Vacuuming is one direction makes it harder to remove all the dust and dirt. This is more so when vacuuming the carpets. Most of the dirt will hide in the carpet fibers. It is only by vacuuming in both directions that you will get to remove all the stuck dirt.

Regularly empty the canister or change the bag

Regularly empty the canister or change the bag

The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner declines as the canister or bag fills up with dirt. You will have a hard time vacuuming the floors if the canister or bag is full. With the bag-less vacuum, you will be able to see how full the canister is. If it is full, empty the canister before you start vacuuming. With the bagged vacuums, the bag needs to be emptied when it is about three-quarters full.

Select the right settings

Choosing the right settings on your vacuum cleaner is the key to making vacuuming easier. High-quality vacuum cleaners have settings you can adjust depending on the type of surface you are vacuuming. The settings for cleaning a hardwood floor are different from those for cleaning shaggy carpets. Failing to adjust the settings accordingly will make work harder for you. Always adjust the settings as you clean so as to get the right amount of suction.

Dust other areas first

A common mistake most people make is that of vacuuming then dusting the other areas of the house. When you dust the baseboards, blinds and other areas after vacuuming, some of the dirt from these areas will fall on the vacuumed floors. When you dust before vacuuming, you will not only remove the dirt that settled from the dusted areas but also the dirt that is already on the floors or carpet.

Make use of the extension cord

Make use of the extension cord

Most vacuum cleaners come with an extra-long electric cord. You will be able to clean sizeable rooms without having to plug the vacuum into a socket that is closer. While plugging in the vacuum into the wall is easy, unplugging and then re-plugging it for more than three times can be frustrating. This is why if the cord of your vacuum is not long enough you should consider using an extension cord. Doing so will not only get rid of the frustration but also help you get the job done sooner.

Use the crevice tool

An important tool you must never ignore when vacuuming your home is the crevice tool. This simple tool will help keep the hard to reach areas spotless and without straining. You should use this essential tool at least once every month. If you have pets, you may have to use the crevice tool more often.

Pre-treat stains

There is nothing more annoying than passing the vacuuming cleaner over an area several times but getting the same results. This is common with the dried in stains. While your vacuum cleaner might have the best suction, it will not be able to remove set-in stains. Stains need to be pre-treated before you start vacuuming. If you fail to pre-treat stains on hardwood floors, textiles or carpets, your vacuum will not be able to remove them.

Don’t rush

While you may hate vacuuming, it is very important that you don’t rush the job. If you really want your floors and carpets to be spotless, you should take the time to give them a second or even third pass. Experts recommend that you vacuum your carpet and rugs twice. Considering the fibers of the carpet are twisted, only vacuuming in a single direction will cause you to miss trapped dirt and dust.

With these vacuuming tips, cleaning your carpets and floors should be a lot easier. This is provided that you use the right vacuum cleaner and always adjust the height for the type of surface you are cleaning. You must also maintain a regular vacuuming schedule if you want to get the best results. Vacuuming only when you feel like or when the floors are evidently dirty is not the way to go.