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How to Get Mold Out of Carpet?

If you feel an unpleasant odor in your home and you cannot seem to get rid of it, check your carpet for mold. Make sure to look under furniture, since it can also hide there. Carpet mold can destroy your carpet and also jeopardize your health. Especially if there are asthma sufferers in the household. Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do before seeking professional help to get rid of carpet mold. A good HEPA vacuum can help a lot, but we are talking about more ways how to get mold out of carpet.

Assessing the Situation

The first thing you need to do when you suspect of carpet mold is looking for it. Move even the heaviest furniture if it stands on the carpet because mold can often hide under it. You need to pinpoint where the mold is since you will be treating that specific place or places.

Another thing you need to look at is the size and depth of the mold spot. If it penetrated deep into the carpet or even reached the back of it, it may be difficult to get out. If this is the case, you may need to get a professional to help. Moreover, if the mold spread, you may need to replace the entire carpet. Some mold, not even a professional cleaner can get out.

Preparing to Clean

put baking soda on the mold area
put baking soda on the mold area

When you located the mold, you should start to prepare for the cleaning process. First, if there are windows in the room, open all of them and do not close them until the carpet is mold-free. You need to reduce the humidity in the room since it facilitates mold growth. If there are no windows, take a fan and point it to the door.

If you can remove the carpet and take it outside that would make the entire process easier. Ideally, you would expose the carpet to direct sunlight for a day or two. This will kill all the mold spores and stop them from spreading. This can work for smaller mold spots. But if there is a lot of mold, on the backing as well, leave the carpet out for several days until it is completely dry.

Prepping for cleaning mold consists of removing as much moisture as possible. Sun can help, but you can also put baking soda on the mold area and leave it for 12 hours. Alternatively, you can use talk-free baby powder or cat litter. After the 12 hours have passed, vacuum the baking soda up with a vacuum for carpet.

Getting the Mold Out of Carpet

use some cleaners and try to get the mold out of the carpet
use some cleaners and try to get the mold out of the carpet

Now that you have dried the carpet and the mold, it is time to use some cleaners and try to get the mold out of the carpet. First, we are going to talk about a natural method. Yes – white vinegar. Vinegar seems to be good for cleaning all floor types and carpets, but it is not a magic potion. It can kill some types of mold, but not all. Still. it is worth a shot. Apply on the affected area with a spray bottle and rub the area with a stiff brush. The carpet needs to air dry or blow dry it.

You can also try using harsher chemicals. First, try an anti-mold treatment, specifically designed for carpet. Bathroom and kitchen anti-mold treatments cannot be used on the carpet because they can damage it. Of course, anti-mold treatment is more useful when there is no mold to begin with, but it also can be used to fight existing mold.

Using a commercial vacuum will thoroughly clean your carpet, but you should also try carpet cleaners with deodorizers. They will help with the odor and fight the mold at the same time. Keep in mind that some cleaners and mold removers contain chlorine dioxide which can affect the color of the carpet. It is always a smart idea to test any product you will use in a small area.

Tools for Getting Mold out of Carpet

Tools for Getting Mold out of Carpet
Tools for Getting Mold out of Carpet

Besides cleaners and chemicals, a good cleaning tool is essential for getting rid of mold. A bagged vacuum can help, but renting a steam cleaner may be even a better option for mold. However, you need to make sure to clean the carpet well after using a steam cleaning vacuum on it. Without drying it, the mold will get back and keep spreading.

If you have tried everything and the mold is persistent, a professional may be the last resort. They use harsh chemicals and have all the tools needed to fix your problem.

Preventing Mold on Carpet

open the window
open the window

The best way to prevent the mold is to keep the room well ventilated. Whether you are going to keep the windows open or blow a fan for at least two hours every day, it will help with reducing the humidity. A dehumidifier can also help with this so it is worth investing in if you are living in a humid climate.

Another preventive method is to regularly vacuum your carpet. We know that you probably do not have the time to do that every day, so getting a robot vacuum for carpet can help a lot. This robot does all the work for you and it can cut the time you spend on cleaning by half.

You also need to locate and eliminate all possible sources of moisture since this is how mold grows. Closets, upholstery, and vents are a good place to check.

Final Thoughts

Carpet mold is a pesky thing and a huge annoyance. So it is better if you can prevent it all together than fight against it. But, if you do notice mold, there are some things that you can try. It all depends on the amount of mold there is. Natural and chemical cleaners are useful on smaller patches of mold, and you can try with them. But for deep and spread mold, you may need to contact a professional, or even start looking for a new carpet. Good luck!