7 Best Commercial Vacuums of 2019 – Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

With more than 7 billion people in the world today, we are safe to say that there are as many needs and wishes. Because of that, the market is richer than ever. Each day brings new products and services to meet the requirements of so many people.

Vacuums are no exception. So today, we are looking to help those of you who are trying to find a specific type of vacuum. These vacuums are very powerful, durable and sturdy, and they also have some useful features such as long cords and great attachments.

If you are on the look for this type of vacuum, you are actually searching for the best commercial vacuum out there. And this is the list for you.

The Best Commercial Vacuum on the Market of 2019

1. Best Commercial Upright Vacuum - Oreck Commercial XL 2100RHS

best commercial vacuum

Even though there are many amazing options among commercial vacuums, we always choose our favorite in every category. Our top recommendation is based on several important criteria such as suction power, sturdiness and ease of use.

Even though this model is a powerful machine, Oreck 2100RHS is still easy to use, and it should meet all your requirements. One of the most important features of commercial vacuums is the length of the cords. With 35ft, you should be able to cover a lot of space without having to find another power outlet to plug in your vacuum.

commercial vacuum cleaner

Another important thing is the variety of types of surfaces you can clean with a vacuum. As a business or a homeowner, you do not want to spend any more money than you have to on cleaning. So, it is great that this model can clean both bare floors and carpeting. With a 12inch cleaning path, you will be able to be more efficient, but it is not too wide to obstruct maneuvering.

As for maintenance, there is a top-fill bag in this vacuum. It is easy to take out and replace, but you can wait until it is full, since it will not weaken the suction. Another interesting fact about this Oreck model is that it had the Ease-of-Use Commendation. The Arthritis Foundation recommended this vacuum for people with this condition, so it means that almost anyone can use it, no matter how big or strong they are. It weighs around 8lbs, so even though it is powerful, it is not a workout to use it.

But our favorite has some negative sides as well.

The first thing we noted is that there is no nozzle or a hose, making it difficult to use the vacuum for spot vacuuming or more detailed work,

Another point you should be aware of is that this machine is louder than your average vacuum. There is no way you could use it during the night in a residential building, or your home while someone is sleeping. But still, this is not a deal-breaker for us.


  • 35ft long cord
  • Works on bare floors and carpets
  • Lightweight with 8.2lbs
  • Suitable for people with back pain or arthritis
  • Easy to operate with fingertip controls
  • Automatically adjusts depending on the surface
  • High-speed brush roll included


  • No hose or nozzle for detailed cleaning
  • Louder than the average vacuum

2. Best heavy duty commercial vacuum - Vacmaster VJH1211PF0201

heavy duty commercial vacuum

We are aware that many of you need a commercial vacuum, but do not have a very large budget. Still, there are many excellent options for you as well. Thanks to the market today, you do not have to spend a ton of money to get good performance.

Our budget option is the Vacmaster Beast Series VJH1211PF0201 model. It is powered by a 5.5 Peak HP motor, so you can rest assured that the suction will be up to par like with more-expensive models. Another great thing is that this vacuum can get rid of both wet and dry mess, which saves you the trouble of switching between tools.

What also saves you time is the 20ft cord together with a 7ft hose. With more than 27ft of cleaning reach, you will be able to go for some time without unplugging the unit. Besides the hose, there are also nine different accessories including a crevice tool, a floor nozzle, two extension wands, a squeegee and a brush.

industrial vacuum cleaners

Even though there is no designated storage space for all these tools, the vacuum has a flat top where you can keep them. As for storing the vacuum itself, it is compact so you do not have to worry about the space.

You can also control the power via a dust-sealed switch so that you can change it depending on the surface you are on. You can also use it as a blower, The vacuum also features several filters and a dust bag, together with a noise/air diffuser. In any case, when you consider the performance and the price, this vacuum is a real bargain.

As for the downsides, here are some we find important.

You should know that this model does not come with wheels to make it more portable. However, there is a place for wheels if you buy them separately and install them, but it would be more convenient if they came in the pack.

Another negative is installing the bag. Actually, there is nowhere to install it, but you should slip it over the tube. However, this does not work since the bag is not attached or fixed in any way, so it tends to slip off and the dirt does not go into it.


  • Different tank sizes to choose from
  • An ultimate performance motor
  • Hose storage
  • 9 accessories included
  • Picks up both wet and dry mess
  • 27ft reach with cord wrap


  • No wheels (but available to buy)
  • The bag cannot be fixed in

3. Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum - Hoover C2401

commercial grade vacuum

Our next pick is the opposite of the previous model. If you are prepared and have the money to invest in a new vacuum, this model is our upgrade pick. It comes from one of the most famous names in the vacuum industry – Hoover. As such, it performs well and features some very interesting things. It is the Hoover C2401.

To begin with the most interesting fact about this vacuum – it is a backpack model. This means that you put it on your back just as you would a regular backpack, and start cleaning. This innovative design has many advantages, one of them being the portability of the vacuum.

Since it weighs around 10lbs, it should not represent a burden, even though it is literally on your back. A chiropractor design harness also attributes to that since it reduces strain on your back.

commercial vacuum cleaner reviews

But let us look at some of the other unique features. A 48ft long cable, for example, is quite impressive since it is one of the longest ones on our list. It will allow you to go around your home or office, without worrying about power outlets.

This vacuum also ensures a lot of power, but it operates quietly. This makes vacuuming after hours, or in the evening a lot more convenient. There are also some useful tools included. Hoover covered the basics with a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a floor tool and an upholstery tool.

As for filters, there is a hypercone one with HEPA media, and all the dirt goes to a bag. The maintenance is pretty simple and fast, so all that it is left is to walk around and pick up all the dirt.

Hoover is a famous manufacturer with great reputation, but their products have flaws as well.

One of the biggest issues with this model is that it cannot tackle the mess on pile carpeting as well as it can on other surfaces. There is no tool that would help draw out the embedded dirt, and the suction alone is not strong enough to deal with it. For the price tag, this vacuum comes with, this is a pretty significant downside.


  • Backpack vacuum with specially designed harness
  • Fully portable and lightweight with under 10lbs
  • Extremely long cord – 48ft
  • Accessories included
  • Powerful but quiet
  • Works extremely well on bare floors: tiles, laminate, hardwood
  • Bagged


  • Not for pile carpeting

4. Best Commercial Handheld Vacuum - Hoover CH30000

best commercial vacuum cleaner

As you can see, the next item on our list is another Hoover unit. This time, we are looking at a vacuum that can help you in quick pickups and during minor cleaning projects, as well as serious vacuuming and cleaning. For that, we have chosen a commercial canister vacuum – Hoover CH30000.

This vacuum can be classified as a handheld one, although you do not literally hold it in your hand. There is a harness that allows you to wear the canister on your shoulder as you would a bag, so it is very portable and lightweight. With around 8lbs, you will not be feeling the weight on your shoulder, neither will the vacuuming be physically demanding.

The 7.5amp motor ensures a consistently strong suction, and there is a built-in blower so you can use your vacuuming in various ways. The 33ft long cable and a wide cleaning path will allow you to finish vacuuming in much less time since you can be more efficient. Moreover, it comes with a stretchable hose, so you can reach even further without any trouble

pro vacuum cleaners

Another great point we want to mention is that this vacuum is compact so you can use it to get into tight and small spaces and clean them thoroughly. Besides using it in your home or office, you can clean your car or garage. Additionally, you get many accessories that can help you in your mission. Besides tools for larger rooms and areas, you also get detailed tools which are always very useful.

As for the maintenance, this Hoover model can use a paper bag or a reusable cloth bag depending on the type of dirt you will vacuum. If you know that you just need to deal with dust, you can use a paper bag. On the other hand, glass, pieces of plastic, any sharp object for that matter, will pierce through the paper bag. So, it is great that you have the option to use a cloth bag.

When it comes to the issues and annoyances, here is what we noticed.

If you opt for paper bags, you should know that there are none which come with the vacuum. It would be nice that you get a pack of paper bags with your vacuum since there are many on the market which do come with bags.

Another issue is in the design of the handle. The vacuum itself is lightweight and should be easy to carry, but the handle is not the most comfortable one to hold. An ergonomic design would improve the user experience.


  • A commercial cloth bag included
  • Built-in blower
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 33ft long cord
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Stretchable hose
  • Tools included


  • Paper bags sold separately
  • No ergonomically designed handle

5. Best Commercial Canister Vacuum - Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro

commercial vacuum

Since we are trying to include as many different types of vacuums as we can, and find the best of each type, it is no wonder that a canister vacuum has found a place on our list. One of the best we found is another model manufactured by Oreck. When it comes to commercial vacuums, this manufacturer has many great models to offer.

The one we have chosen is the Oreck BB900DGR XL Pro. This canister vacuum has a similar feature as the previous we reviewed. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it that way, or you can use the integrated handle if it is more convenient.

As for the power, the 4amo motor ensures a commercial level suction, and since it is a two-stage motor, it offers more power than single-stage ones. This allows you to tackle the mess on different surfaces and successfully get rid of it.

commercial grade vacuum cleaners

Portability is a huge plus of this vacuum. It has an extension wand and a 4ft hose so you can reach further, even above the floor and clean your ceiling, air vents, fans etc. The cord is 30ft long, so changing power outlets should not be on your mind at all. The vacuum itself weighs around 5lbs, making it one of the most lightweight models on our list.

With a full set of detailing tools that are included in the pack, getting into corners and crevices in your room, or office space should be a breeze. As for maintaining the vacuum, it comes with a disposable bag, so if you like bags more than canisters, this could be your pick.

And now for some downsides that we noticed.

One of the biggest issues is that the shoulder strap is not fixed in place well. It can easily come off so your vacuum can come crashing down and even land on your foot. This design flaw can be fixed in several different ways, but the manufacturer should definitely deal with the problem.

Another annoyance is that the thick, orange cord is pretty stiff, so rewinding it can be a bit difficult, and it makes the unit heavier. We do not see a reason for such a thick cord, so this could be improved.


  • Comes with an integrated handle and a shoulder strap
  • Fully portable and lightweight
  • 4amp bypass motor
  • Tools and a 4ft hose included
  • Suitable for vacuuming various surfaces
  • 30ft long cord
  • Compact


  • Shoulder strap comes off
  • Stiff cord

6. Sanitaire SC3683B

professional vacuum

Canister vacuums are very popular. Yes, stick, handheld and other types of vacuums have their advantages, but many people prefer canister vacuums. Because of this, we decided to include yet another model with some nice features so you can compare it with other recommendations and see if it suits your needs.

It is the Sanitaire SC3683B commercial canister vacuum which is made to clean bare flooring and hard surfaces. It is compact and lightweight, so portability is not an issue. No matter how large the space you are vacuuming is, you will not get tired from dragging this model around.

It comes with a set of detailing tools so you can get into corners and tight spaces, and there are also two plastic wands for reaching inaccessible spaces. A dusting brush and a crevice tool are in the pack, so you have all the basic accessories you need.

best industrial vacuum cleaners

If you are a pet owner, you should be very satisfied with this model. The suction is strong and consistent, so it will be able to pick up not only pet hair but other mess your furry friends make.

You can also control the airflow by opening the slider which regulates it, and it is close to your fingertips for your convenience. There is also a carpet cleaning attachment included if there are some smaller areas with carpeting.

But there are some negatives you should know about.

Even though there is a carpet attachment, this vacuum is more suitable for bare floors. It does not perform as well on any type of carpeting or rugs, so if you have those in your home, you may want to avoid this model.

Another issue is that the wands in the pack are plastic. The previous model came with metal wands, but since redesigning it, Sanitaire has changed the wand to plastic, making them less quality and less durable.


  • HEPA filtration
  • Works excellent on bare flooring
  • Comes with a tool pack
  • Includes wands for reaching difficult-to-reach areas
  • Great for pet owners


  • Not for carpets
  • Comes with plastic wands

7. Bissell Garage Pro 18P03

The last commercial vacuum model we have chosen to review comes from Bissel, and it is their Garage Pro 18P03 model. There are several reasons why we found this model interesting enough to include it here.

First of all, this is a wet and dry vacuum, meaning you can pick up the dry mess as well as accidental spills. This is always a great option to have since you do not have to change the tool in order to pick up some water from the floor.

This vacuum is not for huge cleaning project. It is more for quick pickups and daily cleanups. You can see that especially because of the 5ft cord, which is really short. There is an extension wand included, so you have just about enough reach to get rid of a spill or some food crumbs quickly.

vacuum cleaner for commercial use

But even though the cord is so short, there is 32ft long hose. The idea is that you will leave the vacuum on the wall mount it comes with and plug it in there, but the hose is what provides you with enough reach so you can go around the room and vacuum.

Additionally, there are seven different attachments you can use for detailed cleaning and accessing tight spaces easier. The vacuum is versatile in such a way that it can convert to a blower, so you have some other cleaning options.

As for maintaining it, there is a 15L dirt tank, so you have plenty of room for dirt, and you do not have to empty it constantly.

As for the downsides, there are some we find important.

First, you should know that out of all the models we mentioned, this one has the least suction power. The unit is small, and it mounts to the wall, so this is no surprise. If you are looking for a lot of power, you should check out some of the models we mentioned previously.

Another issue is in the quality of the tools. They do their job, but you should not expect them to last forever, so keep that in mind.


  • Dry/wet vacuum
  • Can be used as a blower
  • Includes seven tools
  • 5ft cord but 32ft long hose
  • Comes with a wall mount
  • Do not have to carry it around
  • 15L dirt container


  • Average suction
  • The quality of tools included

Finding the best commercial vacuum ensures clean homes and office spaces

As you can assume, commercial vacuums can be used for different things. Whether you are a business owner, looking to thoroughly clean your restaurant or hotel, or a homeowner with a large house, the best commercial vacuum will definitely be your new best friend.

The suction power, durable design and useful features that come with this vacuum will level up your cleaning game. Yes, regular residential vacuums are great, but if you think they are not enough, you are probably right.

A commercial vacuum can certainly provide you with enough power to clean any place faster and more efficiently.