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How to Celebrate Your Birthday in 2022

2020 is the start of a new decade, and many planned to celebrate their first birthday of the decade uniquely. Some planned to travel abroad and beautiful beaches. Some planned to hang out with their special friends who stick with them over the past decade. Some planned to go home and spend time with their loved ones. However, all plans fall down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

How will you celebrate your birthday when the government implemented social distancing, home quarantine, and city lockdowns? Here are the best ways to celebrate your birthday:

1. Raise funds to help the needy

— There is no better way to celebrate your first birthday of the decade by helping others. Many people living on the street are lacking necessities due to poverty. You can use your influence to raise funds for your birthday to help the needy. The people close to you will surely love the idea and go along with you.

When you have a private car, you can roam around the city to distribute the packed goods. It is fine to let them know that it is your birthday to make them feel special too.

The golden principle quoted: it is better that you are doing the giving than the person that is in need.

2. Bring back the memories

— For the families staying at home, there is no better time to strengthen your bond by celebrating a special occasion together. The current situation has given as a reason to be with our family instead of a common tradition like inviting friends at home to party. Commit your time to bond with your family. Make peace with someone you hurt and give love.


You can do these things with your family at home:

  • Playing classic games—it is safe to play indoor or backyard games. Many classic games will bring a lot of childhood memories too. Remembering the good old days are good in healing and strengthening relationships.

List of games: charades, newspaper dance, sack race, the longest line, hide and seek, etc.

  • Preparing the food—you cannot find a celebration without food, and this is the best time to prepare it together. But you have to learn to divide the tasks to every family member, from cutting the onions to washing dishes to make the task fun thing to do.

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3. Commit to your commitment again

— Before the end of 2019, you probably prepared a list written your goals and commitments for 2020. If you stopped achieving your goal, then celebrating your birthday is the best time to start reigniting how you feel setting the goals.

People regard celebrating the New Year as a new beginning. It is as if the world will click the reset button when the clock struck twelve on January 01. A new beginning drives people to set a personal goal to do differently than the previous year. You can say that celebrating your birthday creates the same feeling. You have an entire year to achieve your goal before you age again.

There are many ways to celebrate your first birthday in 2020 in a meaningful way. The important part is to value life more than ever.

The golden principle in life says that you can only give love if you learn to love yourself first. That said, Whitney Houston is right when she sang the line: learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.