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How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

What’s stopping you from remodeling your bathroom? Other than budget constraints, most people feel insecure about leaving the bathroom out of operation for an extended period. However, the waiting period for a bathroom renovation isn’t that long in most cases.

You might point out that a bathroom renovation job can face many unexpected delays. For example, the workers might accidentally burst a pipe. But even accounting for all potential hiccups, it’s possible to redo a bathroom in less than a month!

Of course, we are not considering the time you would need to get approval from the authorities. If you factor that in, it could take you months to complete the job. But, there is no need to put your bathroom out of commission as you wait for your permit to arrive.

Here, we will give you a complete bathroom remodeling timeline so that you can plan properly ahead of starting work.

Demolition (1/2 Days)

On the first day of the project, you will have to tear down the old bathroom. 80% of the time, the job will take you a day. In rare cases, you might have to spend an extra day. If the workers know their way around a sledgehammer, they could move on to the next phase in 5 or 6 hours.

In some cases, you would only need to remove parts of the toilet. That won’t take more than a few hours, as we previously said. A day will suffice if you intend to reduce the whole bathroom to rubble. Multi-storied bathrooms will take longer, though. Worst case scenario, two days!

Plumbing And Electrical (1/4 Days)

After stripping down the bathroom to bare bones, it would be simple to reroute plumbing and electrical lines. Consider whether any plans need to be changed now that you have a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on behind the walls.

Allocate one or two days for the job. Throw in an extra day for any possible stumbling block. It will take more time if you’re relocating plumbing to move the toilet, tub/shower, or sink or if you’re modifying the electrical arrangement.

If your local regulations require inspection of this phase, you will have to wait till the inspector comes and gives you the green signal to move forward. In that case, the construction could take four days.

Insulation, Drywall, Paint Job (1/3 Days)

If all you need is paint, this may be a quick one-day endeavor. Allow one to two days to remove drywall, insulate, hang new drywall, and prepare the drywall for painting, depending on the size of the bathroom.

For most professionals, drywall is a quick task. Professional painters can also work at a lightning-fast speed. Allot one day for this unless you’ve requested extras like specific trim work.

Prepare The Floor For Tiling (7/8 Days)

It takes time to prepare and level walls for tiling. For professionals, the estimated time span is 7 or 8 days. For inexperienced DIY-ers, it could drag on for a few weeks. It’s the most time-consuming phase of the renovation process.

If you hire professionals, you can expect the wall to be prepped in two days. Floor-to-ceiling tiling in the shower stall should be complete over the next five days. Of course, we are making these assumptions assuming the contractor will work for you full time.

Tiling The Floor (1/2 Days)

The contractor will set the tiles on the floor in the next step. It should take no more than one or two days, depending on the bathroom size.

After the tiles are applied, check whether or not they seem level. If the surface doesn’t feel smooth, you will have to redo the tiles soon.

Install The Fixtures (2 Days)

Now, it’s time to put the fixtures in place. We are talking about sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, toilets, etc. This part of the process is comparatively simple. It’s highly unlikely that it would take more than two days to install all the fixtures.

Clean-Up (1 Day)

Usually, the contractors you hire for remodeling will hand over the bathroom neat and clean. However, if post-renovation clean-up is not part of the contract, you can hire clean-up specialists to take care of the debris and clean the bathroom.

When hiring a cleaner’s team, also ask them to tidy up the entire house. As much as you try to keep the construction area separate from the rest of the house, dust annoyingly finds a way to sneak in.

Total Time For The Renovation To Complete

Let’s assume each step took the longest possible time we predicted. If that’s the case, the bathroom should be ready in 25 days. We’ll consider four days for contingencies. So, in total, it will take 26 days for the bathroom to be complete.

Should You DIY Bathroom Renovation?

DIYing a bathroom renovation could be a pretty daunting task. It’s an absolute no-no for those who don’t have enough experience to handle such heavy work. There are too many technicalities involved. So, a DIY approach gone wrong could be financially punishing.

If you have the expertise and the job is a minor upgrade rather than a full-scale remodeling, you can contemplate DIY-ing. It will save you money, but it could take way longer than a professional approach.

If you want to save money and take no issue with the delays, you can consider DIY-ing. But, if you don’t want to wait so long, it would be better to consult a professional contractor.

Try to hire a contractor that will only work on your project. A contractor that juggles multiple projects could take way longer to finish the remodeling. If you don’t mind forking out some extra money, you should consider hiring a contractor that will solely focus on your job.

Final Say

Do remember that the estimates we have made here do not take into account waiting for the permit, sourcing materials, hiring contractors, and other pre-construction steps. You don’t have to worry about those factors since the bathroom will remain operational till the work begins.