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5 Things to Do During a Summer Power Outage

A power outage is an inconvenience at any time of the year, but it can be especially concerning during the heavy heat of the summer. A power outage takes out your entertainment options as well as more important things such as air conditioning and refrigeration. So, what do you do when the power goes out during the summertime? Well, your friends at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth have some tips. If the power outage is an isolated incident that has affected only your home, then call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to hire an electrician in Arlington or Keller. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are on standby to take your call.

#1: Keep Cool

Yes, you should stay calm when the power goes out, but we are talking about body temperature. With temperatures in Arlington and Keller frequently reaching triple digits during the summertime, you will need to literally keep cool. We have some tips to help.

Purchase battery-operated or solar-powered fans. These won’t drop indoor temperatures, but they will wick sweat off you. You can put a pan of ice-cold water in front of the fan if you need some cool air. Placing the fan in front of open windows during the early morning can also bring in some cool air.

Another option to cool down is cold washcloths. Soak the cloth in cold water and drape it around your neck to reduce your core temperature. Dampening your top sheets can also keep you cool while you sleep.

#2: Stay Hydrated

This falls in line with the previous tip, but it is worth the emphasis. Drink plenty of water – whether it’s cool or not. Foods that are rich in potassium are also recommended as they have a natural cooling effect on the body. Meanwhile, avoid alcohol and caffeine as they are dehydrating substances. The last thing you want is your body experiencing a power outage. Dehydration should NOT be taken lightly!

Stay Hydrated

#3: Keep Food from Spoiling

Try your best to keep your refrigerator closed for as long as possible to keep the vital cold air from escaping. We recommend investing in a digital thermometer so that you can accurately determine whether food is still safe to consume. Dairy products and meat are only safe if they have been stored somewhere below 40 degrees.

Your best bet is to keep a reliable stock of non-perishable food so you don’t have to risk eating spoiled meats and dairy products. Coolers might also help, but be sure to use that digital thermometer!

#4: Activate Backup Power

We hope you are reading this article before disaster has struck. The best way to deal with power outages is proactive preparation. Consider a standby generator or even a portable generator to keep you powered no matter the weather. It is an investment that will pay great dividends. Mr. Electric does offer generator installations, replacements, and repairs. Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to consult with a friendly representative today. We are always happy to help.