Why Is Dyson Vacuum So Expensive?

Are you in the market for a new vacuum?

Are you considering buying a Dyson vacuum but haven’t made up your mind yet?

Like many people, you are probably wondering why is Dyson vacuum so expensive.

Dyson is among the leading vacuum brands in a very competitive market and there are good reasons why. Read on to find out why Dysons stand out from the crowd and why its vacuums come with a premium price tag.

Superior Suction

All vacuum cleaners do the same job. What really differentiates them is the suction. High performers deliver powerful, consistent suction to clean various floor types or surfaces.

Factors such as the ‘sucking’ technology greatly influence a vacuum’s suction ratings. One way Dyson vacuum sets itself apart is with its bagless system. The company put in a lot of time and effort into researching and developing bagless technology as a way to improve the performance of its cleaners.

Before this, older vacuum companies used bag technology. The downside of bags is that they drastically decrease the vacuum’s suction as the bag fills up. Additionally, the more the bag fills up, the more the vacuum lets out dust into the air, compromising the quality of your indoor air.

hardwood floor vacuum
dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

What’s really great about bagless vacuums is that in place of a bag is a high-efficiency filter that traps fine dust particles and prevents them from being blown into the air, leaving you with clean air at all times. More importantly, without the bag, the vacuum can retain suction and therefore clean really well each time.

All Dysons, whether it is an upright vacuum or a cordless stick vacuum, are bagless. Unsurprisingly, more and more household brands followed suit to make bagless vacuums but as a pioneer, Dyson has definitely perfected the science of bagless cleaners. When you buy Dyson, you are buying a vacuum that delivers consistently powerful suction to meet your home’s cleaning needs.

Sealed System With HEPA Filtration

hepa filter
hepa filter

Today, every vacuum brand claims to have true HEPA filtration. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are very helpful in maintaining the quality of indoor air and minimizing allergic reactions caused by microscopic allergens.

Not all claims of HEPA filtration are true and neither do such claims automatically make a vacuum allergy-friendly. What separates a true HEPA vacuum from the rest is the sealed system.

A vacuum with a sealed system ensures that all the dirty air going into the vacuum passes through the filter. In other words, a sealed system prevents dirty air from leaking out before it is filtered, therefore minimizing the chances of allergic reactions from microscopic dust particles.

All Dyson vacuums not only come with true HEPA filtration but are also built with a sealed system. Dysons feature heavy rubber seals where the parts of the vacuum join. The cleaners are also built out of heavy-duty material that will not break easily, another indication of quality and a commitment to air quality integrity.

Frankly, few vacuums would claim to feature a sealed system with HEPA filtration. With most brands, you may or may not be getting HEPA filtration that truly preserves indoor air quality, an important consideration if you are prone to allergies.

Advanced Technology

Even if you do not know much about Dyson, you certainly know that the brand is at the forefront of cleaning technology. Few brands in the vacuum industry are as eager to innovate as Dyson is. Dyson is considered a status brand not just because of its premium prices but because it is a trendsetter, where cleaning technology is concerned.

At the heart of all Dyson cleaners is the cyclonic separation technology. This technology spins the air inside the vacuum at very high speeds to create powerful and lasting suction for high-performance cleaning. Clogging is a real concern with many vacuum cleaners but cyclonic technology significantly reduces this problem.

Another innovation that boosts the suction power in Dyson vacuums is the cinetic science technology. In models such as the Cinetic Big Ball Animal, the cyclones are much smaller, which helps to separate small dust particles from the rest of the dirt that goes into the bin, eliminating the need for filters. The Dyson canister vacuum is among the very few that have done away with fussy filters while still promising air quality integrity.

Ease-of-use is an important consideration when shopping for a vacuum. A cleaner that requires awkward hand movement and that will not maneuver the floor effortless makes for a frustrating cleaning experience. Dyson already thought about this with its Ball Technology.

The vacuum’s ball shape takes the hassle out of maneuvering the cleaner in any direction while still keeping the machine stable. The motor is also hidden inside the ball to keep it protected for longer. This is in contrast to many other vacuums that have an exposed or less protected motor.


Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum cleaner
dyson canister vacuum

No one wants to spend money buying a vacuum cleaner every year. A solid vacuum should serve you for a couple of years before you even need to replace the battery or filters.

The truth is, when it comes to a vacuum’s lifespan, you truly get what you pay for. A Dyson vacuum might seem expensive but you are paying for a high-performing machine that will give you many years’ worth of service.

As seen above, each technological innovation in a Dyson is meant to deliver consistent suction for longer. There are no bags to slow down airflow and inhibit suction and no filters to fuss with, resulting in a longer lifespan. According to Dyson, its filter-free vacuums can last up to 10 years without the need to replace or wash the filters.

One of Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum, the Cyclone V10 is set to serve you for up to 15 years before requiring a battery replacement! This vacuum features an ingenious on-off trigger that allows the vacuum to rest during use, which gives the battery some time to rest so it can retain charge for longer.


When you look around, comparing and contrasting vacuum cleaners, you might wonder why is Dyson vacuum so expensive?

While Dysons might be on the higher end of the price range, when you consider factors such as longevity, performance, filtration, and advanced features, you realize that a Dyson quickly pays for itself. As with everything else, the vacuum you pay for is what you get so choose wisely.

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