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Why do people say UPS tracking sucks?

Have you ever found yourself just flat out angry with UPS? You’re not alone.

A quick Google search for people frustrated with UPS and their tracking system turns up thousands of results. When I hit the “Publish” button on this post, you can go ahead and add me to the mix.

Let me state it bluntly: UPS tracking is horrible. And their customer service is sometimes absolutely atrocious. I’ve been sitting here for over two hours stewing in anger, so I decided to channel my frustration into something constructive.

Here’s my UPS tracking story.

UPS Tracking Says My Package Was Already Delivered

Several weeks ago, I was scheduled to receive a package that I recently realized never arrived. When I jumped onto the UPS site to track the package, it showed that it was delivered to my front door 12 days ago.

My lie detector antenna instantly shot up. I get, on average, about seven packages delivered every week. But it’s impossible to deliver anything to my front door because I live in a locked apartment complex. Packages are left in our lobby, and this package was never there.

I received several other packages after this one was supposedly delivered, but this one never showed up. So I called UPS and they said they would launch an internal investigation. Of course, I never heard anything back from them and it’s been several days since this “investigation” started.

Consider me shocked.

Let’s Try This Again

UPS tracking sucks

After the investigation was launched for that package, I ordered a few other things online. After getting the confirmed tracking numbers, I went to the UPS site and plugged them in so I would receive notifications directly to my email.

Just yesterday, I get an email stating that they attempted to deliver the package but my name isn’t listed on the directory of my building’s buzzer. I was in shock. My name is clearly listed, although it’s with my last name, a comma, then my first name.

Is that really so difficult to figure out?

So I again call the UPS customer service lineĀ to let them know. I even give them the exact buzzer number to press. As a true over-achiever, I went downstairs and left a clear post-it note right by my buzzer.

The customer service representative said they noted this in their system and will re-deliver the package.

Then today happened. I get yet another UPS email notification regarding a different package I’m expecting. This email notification says the same thing. My name is not listed on the building directory.


…and Again

I again find myself on the phone with UPS customer service having the same conversation. The rep says that she fully understands my obvious frustration and that it “should have” been resolved. A lot of good that does.

She takes my number and has a rep from the local UPS office give me a call. We’ll refer to her as Becky.

Becky informs me that my driver is currently only three blocks away and gives me his exact location. She says that I can run over there right now and pick up my package from the truck.

Becky, seriously, you did not just say that.

You honestly want me, after clearly posting my information in the lobby and informing UPS customer service what needs to happen to successfully deliver to me (it’s not rocket science), to try to find this driver and pick up the package that I paid to have delivered?

That’s not going to happen.

When I laughed out of frustrationĀ and informed her that I wasn’t going to try to hunt the driver down, she then informs me that I can have a re-delivery attempted for an extra charge. Becky, have you lost your mind?

Of course, I tell her that I won’t be paying for a re-delivery. I just want my package. She then hangs up, calls the driver, calls me back and says that he’ll be at my apartment in ten minutes.

I head down to the lobby and wait.

The driver pulls up to my building and jumps out of his truck with a horrible attitude. I showed him where my note of instructions was on the buzzer, and he says it wasn’t there before. He actually accuses me of having just put the note there.

Needless to say, my politeness quickly dissipated.

I grabbed the package from him and he immediately grabs it back out of my hands to scan it. Then he literally tosses it at me. I bit my tongue and headed back upstairs with the package.

Becky’s Back

ups tracking

Shortly after I get back upstairs, my phone rings and it’s Becky. She’s not friendly at all. She warns me that the next time I expect delivery from UPS, I better make sure that my name is clearly posted on the buzzer.

This had me fuming. First, you completely lose a package that you claim was delivered to my “front door.” Then, the very next item I order, I end up in this mess dealing with a rude driver who wouldn’t know what customer service meant if his very job depended on it.

Is this seriously the behavior UPS expects out of its employees?

I’ve been in this apartment for over a year, with countless packages delivered from other carriers without issue. Now my name “isn’t on the buzzer” and I “better get that resolved.”

But It’s Not Over

As I sit here writing this, I just received another email notification from UPS tracking. Guess what? Yet another package could not be delivered because they can’t find my name on the buzzer.

This can’t be happening. Not again. I don’t have a lot of fight left in me for this!

Needless to say, I think it’s best that I don’t make a phone call to UPS customer service right at this moment. Nothing good is going to come out of that.

Does UPS Tracking Suck For You?

What issues have you had with UPS and their tracking system? How have you resolved these issues without getting a package thrown at you by the driver?

I’m interested to know because I think from now on I’m going to demand my packages get delivered by other carriers.