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Things to do when you accidentally damage your garage door

It’s morning, and you’re late for work; You didn’t have time to make coffee, and you’re still sleepy; As soon as you get in the car, you lose your train of thought and end up at your garage door. “How to fix your garage door?”.

Garage Door Repair Dunwoody companies know more about more than you. While it may seem like a ridiculous mistake to hit your garage door with your automobile, you are not alone.

What can you do when you accidentally damage your garage door?

“What shall you do now?” Many Garage Door Repair Dunwoody businesses receive a call from a homeowner who has inadvertently put support in their garage door. Follow these steps to carefully address the situation once you’re back in the garage door:

  • Don’t get panic

Running into your garage door is a startling sensation—so shocking that people sometimes forget to turn their car off or even park it because they’re too scared. It is especially risky if your driveway has a steep slope. So, if you ever hit your garage, the first thing you should do is gently park and turn off your car before leaving to inspect for damage.

  • Assess the damage

Assess the damage and see if the garage door has been damaged by an automobile before moving it. Most likely, you slammed your hand into the bottom panel of the door. Check that the rollers on the garage door are still in their tracks, that the lifting cables are still in their drums, and that the springs are in good shape. If the garage door isn’t heavily damaged, you can try taking the car out of the rest of the garage.

  • Close the door of the garage

Once you have inspected the damage and removed your car from the garage, stand at least eight feet away from the opening. Press the button on your remote to see if the door will keep popping up. Close the door if it rolls over easily.

However, if the opener is making noise and the door components are not operating properly, unplug the opener. Now you can close the garage door manually without applying too much power. If the door has derailed, do not attempt to raise or lower it.

  • Assess your car

You may forget to take a look at your automobile, especially if you’re worried about a massive ding in your garage door. If you accidentally hit your garage door, your automobile will likely have some dents and scrapes.

On the other hand, the extent of any motor vehicle damage is primarily determined by how quickly you enter the garage. Even if there is minor damage to your car, you should contact your insurance carrier to see what options you have.

  • Call a professional

Call your local Garage Door Repair Dunwoody specialist to inspect the damage of the door and make any repairs, even if it isn’t very damaged and may be lifted without trouble.

Should you call your insurance company?

Depending on the damage to your garage door, you should consider contacting your home insurance carrier to inform them that your garage door was hit by your automobile.

Determine whether your policy’s deductible is a reasonable option to help you deal with this problem or whether you should only fund garage door repair or replacement costs. Assess the damage to your automobile and evaluate whether it is bad enough to notify your auto insurance carrier. Remember that your home insurance will not cover car repairs, and your auto insurance will not cover garage door repairs.


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