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Six Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Day

Everyone loves a great night’s sleep in a cosy bed from a high-quality sleep expert like Divan Bed Centre. The more comfortable the bed, however, the less enthusiastic we might be to get out when the alarm sounds.

Are you a morning person, or are you a groggy-eyed snooze thumping zombie at the start of each day? Not everyone springs out of bed energetically, but there are some things we can all do to help ourselves.

Making our bed at the start of the day might not seem important, but it can make all the difference. It’s a task we might need to push ourselves to complete, but the benefits can far outweigh the effort.

Get Into a Good Morning Routine

Change Your Alarm

An abrupt buzzing might shock us out of sleep effectively, but it’s unlikely to put us in an upbeat mood. Try swapping your old-fashioned alarm sound for soft melodies, or a favourite song, to improve your morning mindset.

Let There Be Light

Natural light helps regulate our internal rhythms, eases us into the day, and improves the likelihood of natural evening tiredness. Open your blinds or curtains and let your body and brain register the light as soon as possible after waking.

Enjoy a Splash

A little water on the face, whether splashed or gently rubbed, is a great way to feel refreshed and invigorated.

Feed Your Body

We don’t all feel like eating first thing, but a light and nutritious breakfast is important to fuel our bodies. Try a breakfast of whole grains, proteins, and hydrating drinks to help set yourself up for a successful day.

Get Moving

Starting each day with a 10-mile run is probably extreme, but even a little movement can bring big benefits. Try a short walk, yoga routine, or even some light stretching to help loosen your body for the day ahead.

Tick Off a Chore

The last thing we might feel like doing before a day of work is a monotonous household task. There are, however, many benefits to completing a simple morning chore, which is where making your bed comes in.

Six Good Reasons

Don’t believe your first task of each day should be to make the cosy bed you just got out of? Here are six simple reasons why it should be:

1. The Day’s First Accomplishment

It only takes a few minutes to make a bed and then you’ve achieved your first accomplishment of the day. Completing tasks elevates the mood and kickstarts a habit of achieving that sense of accomplishment more often throughout the day.

2. Starting From Calm

A neatly made bed will make any bedroom seem more restful, even if the rest of the space is chaos. Beginning your day in a calming environment helps ground you, ready to face what challenges lie ahead.

3. Sleep Better

Environment is key to restful sleep and even more calming than leaving a neat bed is climbing into one. If your bed is made, that calm will be waiting for you at the end of the day, whatever happens.

4. Feel Organised

A chaotic lifestyle and environment can be a major cause of stress throughout our lives. Getting into the habit of making your bed encourages the habit of keeping other areas of your life organised too.

5. Get Focused

The time between waking and getting to our first appointment of the day can feel chaotic and sometimes overwhelming. Taking a moment to concentrate on a simple task helps us focus, something we can take into our day.

6. Relax, it’s Done

Any task left until the end of the day can stay partly on your mind until it is completed. If this task is accomplished in the morning, it’s one more thing you can relax about that day.

It seems a small thing, but the mental health benefits of building this task into your routine can be enormous. So, help yourself feel calm, organised, focused, rested, and accomplished, and turn making your bed each morning into a habit.