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Who Doesn’t Love Baked Goods? Making Your Home Smell Good All the Time

Looking for ways to enhance the home? You’ve decorated each room to your liking and added the personal touches to make your home look amazing. But have you ever stopped and wondered how it might smell?

There’s a good chance it might have an odor that you are accustomed to that could offend someone else’s nose. For example, pet owners, especially, get used to and even love the smell of their dog, only for the scent to put off strangers or guests. And that’s no way to welcome someone into your home.

So instead, take a page from the realtor’s handbook and make your home smell like baked goods, such as cookies or apple pie.

Whether it’s aromatic candles that emit a warm glowing ambiance for all to see or a flower and herb-filled sachet you tuck away in your shoe cabinet, here are several ways to make your home smell great. Use one or all of these fragrance-making tips to impress guests and keep your home smelling pleasant and welcoming all year round.


One of the easiest ways to make your home smell good all the time is by igniting a candle. But don’t just choose any candle. Instead, pick out something that brings back fond memories or transports you to somewhere special.

Take, for example, Homesick’s Grandma’s kitchen candle, made with a natural soy wax blend infused with top notes of butter, apple and cream, mid notes of cinnamon and clove and base notes of sugar cookie and vanilla.

Added up, this unique blend smells exactly like your grandmother’s kitchen. Is fall your favorite season? Jump into sweater weather and take a hayride with the pumpkin candle, featuring notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and tonka bean.

There are countless styles and aromas you can get from candles. However, be sure to choose a wax made of natural soy or beeswax, not the paraffin-based wax that is a petroleum byproduct.

A quality candle should also be non-toxic and free of lead, plastics, parabens and any synthetic dyes or phthalates, which create harmful indoor air quality and can be bad for your health. Also, make sure the wick is not lead-based and is made of premium organic cotton.

Reed Diffusers

Candles are wonderful at emitting a fragrance and scent throughout the home. However, you can’t always leave a candle burning. Whether you have rowdy kids or pets or just prefer to eliminate the chance of smoke that can alter the indoor air quality, reed diffusers offer an excellent alternative.

Reed diffusers are perfect for those with strong noses. If your baked good cinnamon-scented reed diffuser comes on too strong, simply remove a reed or two. If the scent is milder than you expected, you can add more reeds. Reed diffusers also make a fun DIY project.

All you need is a bottle or container, reeds, carrier oil and a bottle or two of your favorite essential oils. One tip: Make sure to choose standard reeds, not something like bamboo reeds, as they will absorb and emit the fragrance far better.

Reed Diffusers

Natural Air Fresheners

Along with candles and reed diffusers are natural air fresheners you probably have just lying around the house. So if you recently painted a room or your pet is due for a trip to the groomers and putting off a funk, try putting out a bowl of water with sliced lemons to lend a citrus fragrance.

Another alternative that will make your home smell good? Saturate a few cotton balls with cooking extracts, such as vanilla and peppermint, and place them on saucers around a room. If you have kids or pets, be mindful of where you keep the cotton ball saucers around the home. Keep them high and somewhere out of reach.

Simmer Pots and Slow Cookers

Another great way to make your home smell lovely and like baked goods is to run a simmer pot. A simmer pot can lend an autumnal, spicy bouquet that reminds one of hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. All you have to do is fill a pot or saucepan with water and some of your favorite herbs and spices.

Think cinnamon sticks, clove, ginger, almond extract and even herbs like rosemary and thyme. Find the perfect concoction and add them to boiling water. Once the water reaches temp, reduce the heat and simmer. Be sure to check the water every once in a while and add more water as needed.

Simmer Pots and Slow Cookers

Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers can also make your home smell oh-so-lovely. Plus, you can find oil diffusers in all shapes and sizes to match your home decor — not to mention they often come with features like glowing multi-colored lights and convenient timers.

The essential oil diffuser will break down the oil into a molecular level with an ultrasonic plate, sending it through the air through a fine mist. Perfect for aromatherapy, essential oil diffusers can also be used to make a home smell amazing simply. Add a few drops of essential oils like lemon, citrus, lavender, peppermint, ginger and more!

Dried Flower and Herb Sachets

Potpourri was extremely popular during the 1980s, but today it can feel a bit outdated. Instead of adorning your bathroom counter with a bowl filled with oiled wood chips and flowers, the wiser choice would be to use a sachet and fill it with herb and dried flowers instead.

By altering this alternative, you can still use potpourri in a sense, but keep it hidden around the home. Tuck a sachet of dried flowers in closets, dressers and even the kitchen pantry to make your home smell absolutely amazing. Plus, some scents also do double-duty and keep away insects like moths and other critters.

Stay on Top of Odors

It goes without saying, but one of the easiest ways to make a home smell good all the time is to simply eliminate the odors. By doing things like regular cleaning, tossing out expired items from the fridge and even vacuuming the pet dander from the carpet, you can help make your home more inviting to guests — and their noses.