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Is Moving From Toronto to Vancouver a Good Idea?

There is comfort in familiarity. Being part of the same city for several years can make you feel safe and secure. However, even if you hail from Toronto, one of the most beloved cities in the world, moving can be a broad yet excellent step.

Vancouver is one of the viable places that you can relocate to as a Torontonian. But the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of how your new life will turn out, may leave you second-guessing your decision, begging the question, ‘is moving from Toronto to Vancouver a good idea?

This article digs deeper into what to expect when you move from Toronto to Vancouver and finally addresses whether it’s the right thing to do.

Things Vancouver Has in Store

Here are some things and experiences you can expect after transitioning into a Vancouverite. 

A Better Work-life Balance

As a result of people’s quest for quality life and providing the best for their families, the lines between work and having a healthy personal life are blurry. One thing, however, is that the importance of striking the right balance between the two cannot be over-emphasized. 

Luckily, people with families will find Vancouver particularly appealing because it offers a better work-life balance. It’s more laid back compared to Toronto and you have more time to rest and spend with your family. By being able to juggle all your responsibilities healthily, you become more content, happy, and productive.

A Plethora of Outdoor Adventures

When moving to Vancouver, do not expect a nightlife that’s as vibrant as that of Toronto. However, despite lacking a fast-paced party atmosphere, it compensates (very well) in outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a place with an unlimited option of outdoor adventures, Vancouver is the place to be. The city is strategically placed between mountains and the Pacific ocean, giving the residents hiking, cliff, and canyoning privileges, much more than people in Toronto can enjoy.

Additionally, the city has an endless list of greenery, being home to a multitude of parks and forests. So whether you want to enjoy a nice picnic or go on a nature trail, Vancouver presents one of the best natural environments Canada has to offer.

Better Weather Experiences

Canada is widely known for its bone-chilling winters. However, when Toronto gets maximum temperatures of 1.5 degrees Celsius and lows of up to -16, Vancouver experiences maximums of between 7 and 8 degrees celsius. This makes it one of the Canadian cities that has milder winners.

You can also expect bearable summers in Vancouver, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, compared to Toronto, whose summer temperatures can go as high as 35 degrees Celsius.

A Booming Economy 

Toronto’s economy is unmatched and ranks among the best globally. 

Even so, Vancouver boasts a booming economy. As a result, the city’s unemployment rates are lower than in many Canadian cities. Thanks to its robust economy, the city can accommodate people with diverse skill sets.

Allow Professional Movers to Ensure a Hassle-free Relocation 

Vancouver: Yay or Nay?

From the information garnered, we give you the green light. 

Vancouver is an excellent place to relocate to. The city provides the perfect environment to raise a family and indulge in your preferred economic activities. You also get to make new friends and create many memorable experiences.

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