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Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2022

Are you planning on redecorating this year? Are you wondering where to start with choosing colors? There’s no denying that bold colors can be used to excellent effect in the design of a house – but 2021 is all about color in nature. Everybody knows that it’s good to include neutral colors in most designs so they can balance out the bright colors – but neutral colors are still colors!

A neutral color scheme can make a space warm and inviting so they work perfectly for every room of your house. But a neutral color scheme does not have to be boring, a pop of color can still be added to take your design to the next level. 

As you check out the options for all your home and office cabinetry requirements – for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and everything in between – you will soon discover that 2021 is the year to make full use of your neutral palette.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is almost always ‘the heart of the home’. This is not just where food gets prepared: it is also where homework gets done, where friends wait for the kettle to boil, and where pets check to see if any food has been dropped on the floor. Your color scheme needs to reflect these multiple functions.

Your kitchen needs to be a peaceful haven, so avoid very strong colors. Use different whites and creams on walls or kitchen cabinets (or both!) – together with artificial or natural lighting – to help create the perfect ambiance and keep you feeling bright and breezy.

While too much white can give a room an impersonal, sterile feeling, the judicious use of white is one of your most valuable tools for kitting out your 2021 kitchen. If you want to bring in more color to your neutral kitchen you can do so by adding decorative elements such as a decorative fruit bowl or water jug in a chosen color. Or perhaps a plant to bring in more natural elements. Small touches can take your kitchen from white-and-drab to gorgeous.

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The kitchen may be ‘the heart of the home,’ but the bathroom also plays an important part in setting the tone for your home. Once again, shades of white, and well-chosen lighting, are important to add a feeling of brightness and roominess to quite a small space.

For bathroom vanities, the popular alternative to white this year is wood (or wood-look). Wooden bathroom vanities can work well with restful, neutral wall and floor tiles.

In both ready-to-assemble bathroom vanities, and fully assembled modern vanities, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and colors – but this year, what they all have in common is their neutral color scheme.

If you do not like the idea of wood, or wood-look vanities you might want to opt for a neutral quartz or marble vanity and you can add the wood effect in accessories such as soap dishes, hand soap holders and so on.

The Bathroom

The Living Room

The living room is typically the place where the personalities of the family are on display. It is more difficult to keep strictly to any color scheme when so many books, pictures, pot-plants, and other personal items are on display – so pale neutral shades are ideal for this room. 

For homes with lots of pets and children, dark neutral shades can also be used, and help conceal dirty marks! Consider something like an eggshell gray couch, which is still neutral but not light in color. And, you can still add cozy elements to elevate the grey with scatter cushions and throws.

Wood can be used to especially good effect in the living room, from flooring to cabinets to coffee- and end-tables. Play around with different textures and grains to create the perfect atmosphere for your family. Wood is also a very versatile decorative element and can pair beautifully with many different textures such as glass, stainless steel or even copper.

Adding small splashes of color can once again raise the design aesthetic to create a warm and cozy space where people will want to spend time together. After all, relaxing on the couch after a long day sounds perfect, even more so when the space is beautiful, cozy and warm.

The Living Room

Final Thoughts

In the year ahead, expect to see natural colors being used in living spaces, office environments, and even industrial designs. Most big home brands are also onboard with this year’s neutral theme and you’re sure to see this when searching for inspiration. There really is something to suit every taste, so go ahead and explore online to be inspired by color in nature in 2021!