How to Get Hair off Clothes without a Lint Roller?

Whether you own a golden retriever or a charming pug, it is next to impossible for a dog owner to leave their home without having clothes full of dog hair. In some cases, when you’re going out with friends, you can tolerate the trouble of going back and using a lint roller to remove those hairs.

However, if you’re running late for an office meeting, the last thing you can afford to do is to waste your time shedding your own dog hair using a lint roller. You might also have to deal with times when the lint roller is either not available or you cannot remember where you stored it after the last usage.

For all such times, you need a vacuum cleaner which knows that your clothes are ironed and respects the same. What it shouldn’t do, however, is to extend that same reverence towards the dog hairs that you’re carrying with yourself. In other words, it should be subtle yet ruthless.

Here are some of the practical types of vacuum cleaners which are fit for this purpose.

#1: Use a Handheld Vacuum

Get Hair off Clothes with handheld vacuum
Get Hair off Clothes with handheld vacuum

Due to their miniature design and grip-friendly interface, you can carry handheld vacuums wherever you go. Their cordless design means you can use them on the go whereas their meager price tag makes handheld vacuums a budget-friendly option.

Don’t know which handheld vacuum would suit you best? Check out our recommendation.

Our Recommendation – Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld

The Dyson V6 Top Dog is an enigma for handheld vacuums. On one hand, it provides a huge suction power (100AW), making it one of the most powerful handheld vacs on the planet. On the other, it defies the logic that handhelds cannot last longer than 10 minutes – as it lasts double that time.

Furthermore, to make sure that its battery power doesn’t go in vain, Dyson has provided the V6 Top Dog with a trigger grip. To conserve battery power, the grip releases the instant you’re done with vacuuming. Also, since the battery is fade-free, you’d get consistent suction power at all times.

Assuming you’re dealing with extra-stubborn pet hair – and can afford to see this model’s runtime nosedive to 6 minutes, activate its Max Mode. It increases the suction power of this vacuum to such an extent that the V6 Top Dog can handle the most difficult of cleaning tasks on the Max Mode.

#2: Use a Cordless Vacuum

Get Hair off Clothes with cordless vacuum
Get Hair off Clothes with cordless vacuum

As you might already know, not all cordless vacuums – especially the ones which come in upright or canister design – would be of much help in getting clothes of your hair. What you need, therefore, is a dedicated cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Looking for options before making your mind? Then you must check out our favorite cordless vac.

Our Recommendation – Black + Decker CHV1410L

Running on Li-ion batteries and powered by a 16V Smart Charge technology, the Black + Decker CHV1410L can hold its charge for up to 1 ½ year. This handheld vacuum for pet hair can last between 15 and 30 minutes on a single charge and boasts a formidable 16oz dirt capacity.

To make sure it can suck everything in its way, the cyclonic action technology of this model plays its part pretty well. Its whirlwind action means no dust can get near the filter. This protection afforded to the filter saves it from clogging, thereby helping the vac maintain its suction power for longer sessions.

Attachments have never been a strong point of handheld, cordless vacuums. Fortunately, the CHV1410L is different as it arrives with a considerable number of attachments in its package. Apart from the crevice tool which helps clean tight spots, it is delivered with a rotating nozzle and a dusting brush.

#3: Use a Car Vacuum

Get Hair off Clothes with car vacuum

Car vacuums have the ability to offer you the best of both worlds provided you select them to clean your clothes. On one end, they rival their corded counterparts with their suction power. On the other, their absence of cord means their utility isn’t directed by their distance from an electrical outlet.

Need our suggestions for the best car vacuum for your clothes? Here you go.

Our Recommendation – Dyson V6 Car + Boat

Compact and lightweight, the Dyson V6 Car + Boat owes its massive power to the 2-Tier Radial cyclone technology. With 15 cyclones, arranged in two tiers, working in parallel at all times, this technology empowers the V6 Car + Boat to churn out more airflow and capture more dust in less time.

Since you’re going to use this vacuum to get the hair off your clothes, you need to be introduced to the mini-motorized tool of this vac. With its nozzle-like opening point, this tool creates the lift necessary to pick up pet hair and stubborn debris not only from clothes but also from upholstery and similar surfaces.

Lastly, if you still feel that you need more power, you can activate its Boost mode which helps increase its suction to handle more difficult tasks. Its fade-free battery provides 20 minutes of runtime at the lowest setting whereas hygienic bin emptying mechanism means you won’t have to get your hands dirty.


Ever wondered why it was so difficult previously to get the hair off your clothes? Because you weren’t using the tools designed for the purpose. While we have no complaints with the lint roller – it can virtually be a reputation-saver on some occasions – it can leave some hair sticking on your clothes if you are not being careful enough.

Therefore, if you cannot afford to be seen carrying hair on your clothes, a vacuum cleaner designed to clean clothes (like the ones we recommended above) is always your best bet.