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How to Clean a Fan?

Summer is just around the corner and this means it’s time for you to get your fans out. Since it has been months since you last used it, your fan has accumulated a lot of dust. This leads you to ask: “how do I properly and efficiently clean it?”

Fans present an affordable cooling option to air conditioners. An oscillating tabletop fan can keep you cool during the summer without having to worry about your electric bills. But it is also no secret that fans, especially their blades, are dust magnets.

Don’t worry as we got you covered on cleaning a fan.

How to clean a fan according to type

You likely know that there are multiple kinds of electric fans. There are table fans, tower fans, ceiling fans, box fans, and exhaust fans. This is important to note as the process of cleaning a fan would depend largely on the type that you have at home or in the office.

Regardless of the type of fan you are to clean, you’d want it to be turned off and unplugged before cleaning for obvious safety reasons. You should also consider wearing a kn95 mask and protective eyewear to keep dust out of your eyes and lungs.

You may use a vacuum cleaner in cleaning a fan. Whether it is a Shark vacuum or a Dyson vacuum, you will find that a vacuum cleaner is effective in removing accumulated dust in an electric fan.

How to clean a tower fan

Let’s discuss first the tallest type of fan, the tower fan. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean a tower fan:

  1. Detach the panel by removing the screws. Place these in a small bowl so that you won’t lose them.
  2. Using the brush attachment on your cordless vacuum cleaner, blow the dust off the panels. You may also use a handheld vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  3. Focus not only on the flat surfaces but also into the crevices. Start at the top of the unit and work your way down.
  4. Turn it  around and remove the remaining dust and dirt with the help of the brush attachment. Return the panel to its place before securing it with screws.

How to clean a table fan

How to clean a table fan
How to clean a table fan

In cleaning a table fan, please be guided by the following steps:

  1. Remove the cage protecting its blade. It usually has clips holding its front and back together. You must unsnap the clips to get to its blade. If the cage has its components attached with screws, use a screwdriver to remove it.
  2. Remove the cap holding the fan blades by twisting and unscrewing it. Slip the blades out.
  3. Using a dry cloth or a brush attachment, remove any loose dust in the fan blades and grills.
  4. If the dirt is too stubborn, you may use a damp cloth. You may even use a sponge to get rid of stubborn dirt. However, don’t use anything abrasive as it may scratch the metal and damage the paint of the blades.
  5. Using a dampened cotton swab or old toothbrush, remove dirt from the corners and around the screws and hardware.
  6. Dry the blades and grill under the sun. You may also use a dry towel before putting the fan back together.
  7. Now it’s time to clean the rest of the fan with a damp cloth. You may also use a cotton swab or old toothbrush to get into the corners, switches, and buttons.
  8. Wipe dust off the cord and let the fan completely dry before plugging it back in.

How to clean a ceiling fan

How to clean a ceiling fan
How to clean a ceiling fan

Because it is placed way up high, the ceiling fan maybe a piece of equipment in your home that you are not fond of cleaning.

There are several ways to clean a ceiling fan. One of the quickest ways involves the use of a pillowcase. Of course, you need a stepladder in order to reach the ceiling fan. Using a pillowcase, wipe down the rod, canopy and motor housing.

Then slide it over the fan blade and press it gently against it. Pull the pillowcase back. Repeat this until all of the blades are thoroughly cleaned.

If you don’t want to sacrifice any of your pillowcases for this grimy job, you can turn to your old reliable vacuum cleaner.

The ideal vacuum cleaner for ceiling fan cleaning has a dusting attachment. It would let you affix a brush over the house so that the vacuum can suck in the dust and prevent it from scattering everywhere.

Does your vacuum lack this type of attachment? You can purchase online with some models going as low as $10.

Once you have the attachment, follow these steps :

  1. Extend the handle to reach the ceiling fan. You may stand on a step stool so that the attachment will get close to the fan.
  2. Turn on the vacuum and run the dusting attachment along the fan blades. This should loosen the settled dust and enable the hose to suck it up.
  3. Avoid using jerky back-and-forth motions to prevent the dust from flying. Try to make each pass smooth and straight.

But what about other fan types? The easiest way would be to use the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of lint and dirt. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you may use a can of compressed air instead.


The fan is one of the hardest working appliances come summertime. And as such, it can get dirty quickly. Cleaning the fan is not only to prolong its lifespan but also to safeguard the health of the people at home.

And as you have probably realized after reading this article, cleaning the fan is not a tough task at all!