Hoover vs Shark Vacuum: What’s the Difference?

The eternal question: which one is better? Every time we want to buy something, whether it is affordable or very expensive, we will ask ourselves this question. And it is really not out of the ordinary. Of course, we want to buy the best thing there is for the money we have, but how do you know which product is better. The best way to determine is by comparing them. Now, this is pretty simple when you have a simple product like juice or a t-shirt, but what about more complex products?

Vacuums certainly belong to this group, so it is helpful if you have an informative comparison article to help you determine which one is better for you. Out contenders in this article are Hoover and Shark. If you have a Shark vacuum, you know they are great units which come with a reasonable price. But Hoover is also a renowned name with a long tradition in manufacturing vacuums. If you are interested in the advantages and disadvantages of each brand, read on!

Hoover vs Shark vacuum – General Information

When it comes to both brands, there is a variety of types and models they offer. Want a cordless stick vacuum? No problem, you will find it. Same goes for uprights, canisters, handhelds and more. As for the price point, they all belong to a low to a mid-range price point, so you will not be spending a fortune on a vacuum.

Hoover or Shark Upright Vacuum

Hoover vs Shark Upright Vacuum
Hoover vs Shark Upright Vacuum

To start with our comparison, we will begin with the most basic vacuum type – an upright vacuum. If you need powerful suction and a mighty machine to help you clean, you will probably go with this type of a vacuum. Luckily, both Hoover and Shark have great representatives. We will look at the Hoover React Professional Pet Plus and compare it to the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away model.

As for cleaning multiple surfaces, both models are capable of it. Hoover uses its trademarked FloorSense system which uses sensors to adjust the brush roll speed depending on the surface you are vacuuming. Shark does not have this technology but it still works well on various flooring.

As for the ease of use, here are several points you should know about. The Hoover is a bit heavier than the Shark, so this can affect how easy is to carry and vacuum stairs for example. When it comes to maneuvering them, both vacuums have technology which helps it, but the Shark’s one works a bit better in this case.

Another point is versatility. Shark again has a plus here, since this specific vacuum can be used as a handheld vacuum.

If you want to use your vacuum for pet hair, Hoovers model is specially designed for that. Shark’s model is not, but it is still efficient in removing pet hair. If you are a pet owner, both models would suit your needs. Filtration is maybe also important for you, and both vacuums do well here, with the Shark having a slight advantage since it can trap 0.3-micron particles and Hoover 0.5 microns.

Hoover or Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum

Hoover vs Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum
Hoover vs Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum

Another popular vacuum type is certainly a cordless vacuum. And good reasons. It is fully portable and easier to use in difficult-to-reach places. This is why we wanted to include a comparison of cordless stick vacuums since they meet these criteria. The two models we are comparing is the Hoover Cruise Ultra-Light vacuum and its competition, the Shark ION Rocket Ultra-Light.

We will begin with their ability to vacuum various surfaces. The Hoover model has a brush roll which you can switch off so it can vacuum both carpets and bare floors. The Shark works a bit differently. With a control panel, you can control the power mode and suction, depending on the surface, thereby ensuring optimal performance on various surfaces.

Both models come with some useful basic tools you will need for tight spaces, detailed vacuuming, and upholstery, but the Shark also comes with a pet tool.

As for versatility, both Hoover and Shark can transform from an upright to a handheld vacuum, so you can do quick pickups as well as thorough cleanings.

When it comes to ease of use, Hoover works by pushing a trigger, but the good thing is that you can lock it so your fingers do not get tired. Shark, on the other hand, has an on/off button.

If you want to be able to maneuver the vacuum easily, the Shark may be a better choice when compared to this Hoover. Hoover’s head is a bit stiff and does not go where you want. It is better to say that there is a learning curve when it comes to maneuvering it, so the Shark gets the point here.

Finally, battery life is important for cordless vacuums, and you should know that both models run for about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the mode you use. Luckily, the batteries are removable, so you can extend the run time.

Final Thoughts

By looking at Hoovers and Sharks most popular model in upright and cordless stick vacuum category, you are able to see each brand’s good and weak points. This should be able to help you decide if you are in two minds about these brands. But let us tell you our conclusion.

Hoover’s and Shark’s upright models are pretty even when it comes to various points of comparison. Shark wins by a little when you look at the maneuverability and the filtration system. As for the cordless stick vacuums, Shark again has a slight advantage.

All in all, both vacuum brands produce very good-quality units and keep in mind that we mentioned 4 specific models in this article. Both Hoover and Shark offer many other models which may suit your needs better. Now you know what the important points are, so you can easily compare them in the same way that we did with these models. Good luck and we hope you will find your perfect match.