How to Connect Roomba Vacuum to Alexa

How to Connect Roomba Vacuum to Alexa?

Our busy schedules sometimes leave us with no time to do simple chores like vacuuming. This is why Roombas have become so popular. This spaceship-like robot vacuum cleaners can clean your entire house with minimal human intervention. Imagine relaxing on your favorite couch watching your favorite show while your house is getting cleaned by a … Read more

How To Clean Roomba Vacuum

6 Tips To Clean Roomba Vacuum like New One

Whenever I empty my robot vacuum’s dustbin, the amount of pet hairs and dirt this little sweeper picks up from my rather clean-looking floors always surprises me. An accumulation of debris and dirt is a sure way to get your robot to die a quick death. My Roomba has faithfully served me for three years … Read more

Clean your Roomba regularly

How to Clean Roomba Filter?

If you want your Roomba to last longer and clean effectively, you need to keep in good shape by maintaining it regularly and properly. You can choose to perform basic maintenance after every cleaning cycle and then perform high-level maintenance once a month. Of course, how often you maintain your unit depends on how often … Read more

How Does Roomba Vacuum Know When To Stop

How Does Roomba Vacuum Know When To Stop?

What fascinates me the most about the Roomba is how sassy and independent it is. Once you press the Clean button, the bot goes on its merry way and comes back home, on its own, after completing the job. Whether you have just bought a robot vacuum or are in the market for one, you … Read more

How Do I Know If My Roomba Battery Needs a New One

How Do I Know If My Roomba Battery Needs a New One?

Has the performance of your robot vacuum dipped? Have you had your Roomba for several years now but it no longer seems to be in top shape? If your vacuum is acting up, you are probably wondering how do I know if my Roomba battery needs a new one? Some of Roomba’s performance issues are … Read more

Dyson Lost Suction

Dyson Lost Suction: My Tips to Fix it!

One of the most frequent problems you can encounter with any vacuum is losing suction. This is annoying, right? You got the unit to help you clean up and suck up every piece of dirt from the floor, but it is not doing its job. When it comes to Dyson, they take pride in their … Read more

How to use roomba vacuum

7 Tips To Use A Roomba Vacuum Like Pro

The first time seeing your Roomba waltzing around the house is super exciting. That being said, as smart, sassy, and sturdy as she is, your little helper requires a good amount of TLC to serve you better and longer. From cleaning it regularly to keeping an eye on the batteries, there is a lot you … Read more

how to Clean Dyson Filter

6 Steps to Clean a Dyson Vacuum Filter

Has your Dyson lost its suction power? Observing that it’s taking the vacuum more time than normal to remove dirt and pollutants? Then it’s time for you to clean its filter.   Dyson is of the opinion that as long as you properly maintain the machine – which, in simple words, means that means regularly … Read more

How To Program Roomba Vacuum

How To Program Roomba Vacuum?

If you are like me, there are times you probably find yourself frantically trying to vacuum your place at the last minute. Naturally, I am thrilled by the idea of having a nifty vacuum that I can ‘set and forget,’ and enjoy a clean home at all times without breaking a sweat. Whether you are … Read more

How to Tell if Roomba is Charging

How to Tell if Roomba Vacuum is Charging?

Do you often find yourself starting the Roomba only to realize that it has not been charged? It can be very annoying and frustrating. Checking if the Roomba is charging can be tricky at times. Let’s face it: one of the reasons why we love the Roomba is that it makes cleaning of carpets and … Read more