5 Best Robot Mops of 2019 – Mopping Robot Reviews

Technology is amazing. Thanks to its advances, every area of our lives is improved and made more comfortable. Would it surprise you to know that technology can help you even with cleaning? Indeed, thanks to wireless technology, among tons of other inventions, we can utilize robots to cut down cleaning time and save our energy.

One of these inventions is the robot mop vacuum. These little things glide over your floors and make them spotless. The only thing you need to do is push the button. If you are interested in finding the best robot vacuum and mop, you should check reviews of the most popular ones on the market.

Top Pick
Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Mop Vacuum

  • 90 minutes of run time thanks to a rechargeable battery
  • You can schedule activation
  • Comes with two rotating side sweeper brushes and a dry mop
  • Compact and has a low profile
  • Reusable HEPA filter

Why Do We recommend it?

When it comes to our top pick among the best robot vacuums and mops, one model stands out. It is the Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum which is packed with exciting features.

Besides scheduling cleaning with this vacuum, you can also count on it to clean various types of surfaces in your home, including tiles, hardwood, stone and thick carpeting. The run time of 90 minutes and consistent suction ensures that even larger homes will be clean and fresh.

If you are on the look for a robot vacuum that can go into tight spaces, around furniture and has anti-fall sensors, you may want to look into this Pure model.  

Budget Pick
ILIFE V5s Pro robotic vacuum cleaner

Ilife V5s Pro

  • Multifunctional – vacuums, sweeps and mops
  • Picks up dirt and pet hair
  • Docks automatically when finished
  • Has 140 minutes of run time
  • Works well on different types of bare floors

Why Do We recommend it?

For all of you that would also like a cleaning companion, but without having to pay an arm and a leg for it, there is a solution. The ILife V5s Pro should perform just as good as any other vacuum, but for a half of the price.

This vacuum runs for 140 minutes after one charge, and it comes to its charging dock after finishing. It works well on bare floors, and you can count on it to pick up not only dirt but fur and hair as well.

Additionally, it can sweep and mop the floor, so you can get rid of these annoying chores as well. If you are looking for a bargain, this might be the right vacuum for you.

Best Robot Mop Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the most suitable robot vacuum and mop for your needs, it does not have to be as complicated as it sounds. Yes, they are called robots, but with some guidelines, you will easily be able to browse through all the options and find the best fit for you.

Battery Life 

mopping robot

One of the first things you should look into is the battery of the robot. It powers it and ensures strong suction, so the battery needs to be high-quality and have excellent performance.

When considering getting a robot vacuum, you need to decide how large of an area you will use it on. Depending on the size of your home, you will need to choose a vacuum with enough run time to cover all the areas required.

In general, 60 minutes of run time is the minimum you should go for. Sometimes, vacuums need to go over some spots several times for them to be clean, so they need more power for that.

One vacuum that stands out when it comes to run time is ILIFE V5s Pro with up to 140 minutes of run time on disposal. Moreover, the price of it is very reasonable, so there is no need to break the bank for clean floors.

Speaking of battery power, you should also consider how it is charged. A cool feature of many robot vacuums is that they come with a charging dock and they can find their way to it when the battery is empty.

If you are not keen on removing the battery and charging it yourself, this would be a feature you would enjoy in.


best mopping robot

Another major feature of robot vacuums is navigation. These vacuums clean instead of you. They can go around your home unsupervised, reach tight spaces and corners, and do all the work for you.

But to do that, they need to know where they are going. This is why anti-fall sensors and edge sensors are essential, or even better, a smart robot vacuum can map out your home and know where it is going at all times.

The Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum has proven to be very reliable when it comes to navigation. It goes around furniture, picking up dust and dirt even from tight spaces and leaving the floor behind itself spotless.


robot mop

When it comes to the next essential feature, you need to decide what you expect from your robot vacuum. If you have only bare floors in your home, you will look for a vacuum that is suitable for that.

On the flip side, if your home is carpeted, you will need a strong suction and a robot vacuum specially made for this surface. In any case, you should look into the performance of the vacuum on certain surfaces.

There are, however, certain models like bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which work well on different surfaces including low pile carpets. If you have both in your home, you may want to take a look at models like this one.

Good performance means strong suction power above all, and then battery efficiency and navigation. If all of these three criteria are good, you can say that a robot vacuum performs well.

Ease of Operation 

best robotic mops

Since most people get robot vacuums to do the dirty work for them, it is important that the vacuum itself is not a lot of work. Setting it up and using it should not be a complicated and lengthy process.

One thing that makes vacuum operation significantly easier is an app for your smartphone. For example, Roborock S5 has a great app which allows you to schedule cleaning time, start cleaning when you are not at home, put virtual barriers around your house and other cool stuff.

Having the controls at your fingertips like this makes the whole process straightforward and simple. Being able to start your vacuum with just a couple of clicks is as convenient as it can be.


robot mop reviews

Ideally, the robot vacuum you choose will be easy to maintain. This means that the dirt container is large enough that you do not have to empty it every day, that the brushes work fine and do not get hair tangled around them every time you turn the vacuum on.

It also means that the vacuum has reusable filters which will last for some time without replacing them. The design also needs to be such that dirt does not get stuck in the vacuum and that you have to take it apart frequently for it to have strong suction and perform well.

All of these points may be considered minute, but if you read the reviews carefully, you will know if a robot vacuum is difficult to maintain or if using it is a breeze.  

The Best Robot Mop of 2019

1. Pure Clean Automatic Robot Mop Vacuum - Our Top Recommended

Pure Clean Automatic Robot mop

When we take all the essential features into account, one model stands out. The Pure automatic robot vacuum takes a high place on our list, thanks to its performance and price ratio.

The first important thing this vacuum does is save you a lot of time. You can schedule when it should start cleaning, and your home will be vacuumed even when you are away. Additionally, the battery ensures 90 minutes of cleaning, so you can count on this vacuum to clean every space that needs it.

This Pure model comes with two side sweeper brushes which rotate to catch all the dirt there is. There is also a dry mop included, making this vacuum even more versatile.

The 31” low profile of the vacuum ensures that it can reach even under lower furniture and places you usually skip when cleaning. Everything the vacuum picks up goes to a 0.3 L dirt container which you can empty quickly.

Another great feature is the reusable HEPA filter that comes with the vacuum. This makes this vacuum a perfect choice for those of you with allergies. Moreover, there is a washable primary filter.

As for the navigation, anti-fall sensors detect edges and stairs automatically, ensuring your vacuum will stay on track. Controls are also straightforward: the whole vacuum operates by pushing a button, and you also get a wireless remote control in the pack.

You can also control the cleaning modes. There are four of them: auto, edge, spiral and zig-zag, depending on your needs. In addition to this, the vacuum can clean different types of flooring such as tile, thick carpet and hardwood, but also linoleum and stone.

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum mop

The performance of this vacuum is indeed impressive. But there are some issues you should know about.

As most of the robot vacuum mops, this Pure one also has a smaller dirt container. With only 0.3 L, you will need to empty it at least once every time you clean, or even more frequently. It is not a huge negative, but it can be annoying.

Next, there is an automatic recharge dock that comes with this vacuum. The robot should look for it after it finishes cleaning or when the battery power is low. And it does work, at least sometimes. However, this feature does not work consistently enough, and it could use improvement.


  • 90 minutes of run time thanks to a rechargeable battery
  • You can schedule activation
  • Comes with two rotating side sweeper brushes and a dry mop
  • Compact and has a low profile
  • Reusable HEPA filter


  • Small dust container
  • Going back to charger feature is not consistent

2. ILIFE V5s Pro robot vacuum and mop – Budget Pick

ILIFE V5s Pro robotic vacuum mop review

Our next model is for those of you who are on the budget but still seek for the best performance you can get. If this is the case, the ILIFE V5s Pro robot vacuum mop may be a good choice for you.

First of all, this robot is multifunctional. It vacuums, sweeps and mops your floor, and it does it well. Thanks to the long run time of 140 minutes, the ILIFE robot vacuum has enough power to reach various areas of your home, even if they are larger.

Another key feature is the powerful motor that provides this vacuum with enough power to pick up different types of dirt and debris and even pet hair. If you are a pet owner trying to find a solution for all the hair in your home, you should check this vacuum out.

This little robot does a great job on hard flooring – tiles, laminate, hardwood, and it can even get the dirt out of low pile rugs and carpets. However, it has shown to work best on bare floors, so if your home does not have a lot of carpets, you will probably be happy with how the ILIFE V5s Pro works.

It also comes with a charging dock and has the technology to find it after its done cleaning. With the 140 minutes of battery power on disposal, a charge should be enough for cleaning larger homes.

However, since this vacuum is a budget pick, there are a couple of downsides to it.

One negative that separates this model from high-priced ones is the navigation. Its sensors are not as sensitive as they should be, so the ILIFE vacuum does get stuck or bumps into furniture. It also gets confused by darker lines on the floor or patterns.

Another issue is in the mopping mode. It takes a lot of preparing for it. You need to install a cloth and a small water reservoir instead of the dust container. This may be more trouble than you want to go through, but the mopping mode still works, even though it can be a hassle.

Finally, since this vacuum is a bargain, you do not get all the sophisticated features you get with some higher-cost ones. Therefore, the vacuum has no memory of the room layout, but it β€œexplores” every time you use it. It still picks up dirt in every space it reaches, so this is something you should not worry about.


  • Multifunctional – vacuums, sweeps and mops
  • Picks up dirt and pet hair
  • Docks automatically when finished
  • Has 140 minutes of run time
  • Works well on different types of bare floors


  • Navigation is not the best
  • Mopping is a lot of work
  • No memory of room layout

3. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum And Mop – Upgrade Pick

Roborock S5 mopping Robot

If you have been thinking about getting a robot vacuum and mop for some time, and you prepared a bigger budget for it, the next vacuum on our list is worth looking into. It is the Roborock S5 vacuum and mop.

This robot is powered by a 5200mAh battery which provides up to 150 minutes of run time. A long run time combined with a 2000Pa strong suction should give you the desired result – spotless floors no matter the type.

Speaking of floor types, this vacuum covers them all thanks to its multiple modes: mopping, carpet, balanced, quiet, turbo and max. No matter what your needs and wants are, this Roborock will meet your expectations.  

One of the outstanding features of this vacuum is its navigation. It maps your home so you can plan routes and schedule cleaning time. Thanks to the Mi Home app, all of this is a breeze. You can also set no-go zones and virtual barriers or manage different modes. You can start cleaning from anywhere thanks to this app.

When it comes to features, everything about this vacuum is smart. When the battery power is low, the vacuum goes to its charging station until the battery is full. After that, it resumes the cleaning according to plan. Additionally, even if the vacuum reaches an obstacle, it can go over barriers that are not higher than 2cm.

As for the filters, there is a washable one which captures almost all dust and allergens, even tiny ones. This keeps your living space as fresh as it can be.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum And Mop

Since this vacuum is a bigger-budget item, it is crucial that you know about some of the downsides before you make your decision.

The first issue concerns mopping. The water tank size is limited, so there will probably not be enough water in the tank to finish cleaning bigger areas of your floor. There is also no indication of how much water is left in the tank, so you have to keep an eye on it until you determine how long it takes for the tank to empty.

Another negative point is that no indicator shows the dust container is full. When it fills up, the vacuum will continue cleaning without informing you in any way. But this is pointless since the dirt does not have a place to go.


  • Smart navigation – maps out your home
  • Multiple modes including sweeping, mopping and vacuuming carpets
  • A user-friendly Mi Home App for remote control and managing the cleaning time
  • 150 minutes of run time and a powerful 2000Pa suction
  • Suitable for different floor types


  • Water tank for mopping is limited
  • No indicator to show full dust container

4. iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Vacuum And Mop

IRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Vacuum And Mop

The next item on our list is the iRobot Braava jet 240, suitable for anyone looking for a robot mop.

A lithium-ion battery powers this model and it provides a long run time, depending on the mode you are using. The mopping mode takes the most power, while the damp and dry modes need a bit less. In any case, you can get a minimum of 120 minutes of run time with this vacuum, or even more if you use damp or dry modes.

Another great feature is the vibrating cleaning head, which ensures that all dirt and stains will be gone from your bare flooring. It can tackle dirty tiles, stone and hardwood. Additionally, this little robot has specially designed edges which allow it to go into corners, tight spaces and below furniture and clean those areas thoroughly.

Besides the robot, you get two wet mopping pads, damp sweeping pads and dry sweeping pads in the pack. These six pads will allow you to use all modes this robot offers and make your floors spotless.

IRobot Braava Jet 240 mopping Robot

As for the possible issues you may have, there are several ones.

If you like to use a cleaning solution on your floors, this robot does not give you the option. There is a reservoir for water and this is the only thing you can use to clean the floors. There is an option of adding Braava jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution for scent, but this is the only possibility.

Another negative is that there is no charging base included with this robot. When the battery power is gone, the robot does not have a station to go to and charge. You need to take out the battery and recharge it with the charger that comes in the pack.

Finally, when creating a boundary in the Home App, you can only create one barrier. This can be a problem if the rooms in your home have multiple entrances.


  • Vibrating cleaning head gets rid of stains
  • Compact and it can clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Three cleaning modes – mopping, damp and dry sweeping
  • Suitable for tile, hardwood and stone
  • Thanks to the edge design it gets into corners and cleans edges easily


  • No cleaning solution reservoir
  • No charging base, the battery has to be taken out and charged
  • You can create only one virtual boundary

5. bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with mop

BObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Mop

Our final pick among robot vacuums and mops is the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner. This model vacuum, sweeps, mops and filtrates, so if you are looking for a mid-priced little guy to help you with these, you can check out this model.

This little vacuum and mop will go around your home for up to 60 minutes and tackle dirt on your bare flooring and low pile carpets. If you are a pet owner, this model might be the right choice for you. It picks up pet hair in seconds and goes on to the next area.

One feature that stands out is the bigger capacity dust container. Usually, these robots have a smaller dust bin since they are compact as well. However, this model has a 1.1 L at its disposal. This makes its maintenance simple and quick. You only need to empty it a couple times a week instead of after every cleaning.

As for smart features, you can program a seven-day schedule. The bObsweep will start cleaning whenever you want, even if you are not home. The TuboLift suction will clean every surface thoroughly and live much less work to you.

BObsweep Robotic mop

As for the negatives, we want to mention a couple.

One problem that happens is that Bob gets confused when there is a lot of furniture in the house. By furniture, we mean obstacles such as table legs or other smaller, thin parts of furniture. This robot may have a bit of trouble when navigating around these.

Another issue is the lack of edge design which would ensure that the edges and corners of rooms are also cleaned. This robot vacuum does not have this option, so this is one of those things you will have to do yourself. In this respect, the vacuum is not helpful.


  • A large capacity dust container – 1.1 L
  • 60 minutes run time
  • TurboLift suction – picks up pet hair easily
  • Schedule cleaning for seven days
  • Comes with a charging dock – charges itself


  • Navigation when there is a lot of furniture
  • No edge design for cleaning corners

The best vacuum and mop will do all your vacuuming chores for you

A good cleaning tool can save you a lot of time. This additional time you can spend doing something you enjoy, like spending time with family or having some β€˜you’ time. In any case, finding the best robot vacuum and mop will take your cleaning to the next level.

With this tool, you can clean even when you are not home or while you are doing something else. A versatile robot vacuum with smart technology and strong suction may be just the thing you have been searching for to make your life easier.