7 Best Bagged Vacuums of 2019

One of the best aspects of today’s market is that consumers have unlimited options. Every product has its categories and even sub-categories. Within these, there are tons of possibilities, so it is made impossible that you cannot find a product that will meet your requirements.

Same goes for vacuum cleaners. Your choice of one will depend on the prevalent type of surface you have in your home, the size of the rooms and, of course, your expectations and preferences.

Even though there are many new, improved models on the vacuum market, many of you are probably still on the look for the best bagged vacuum. If you are a fan of this type, instead of dirt containers, then our list may help you find the right vacuum for you.

The Best Bagged Vacuum of 2019

1. Our Top Recommended - EUREKA 3684f-violet

As always, the best comes in the beginning. When we were deciding on our favorite pick, we considered several things. Performance is in the top, but additional features and the price point are also very important.

The model we found meets all of our criteria is the EUREKA 3684 canister vacuum. So let’s see what this vacuum can do for you. For starters, it is powered by a cord, and the 10 amp motor provides enough power for consistently strong suction. The cord is 20ft long, and there is convenient storage for it that makes sure the cord does not get damaged.

Next, if you are a pet owner, you should be able to put this vacuum to good use. Pet hair will be in the past, thanks to a pet attachment. But this is not the only tool you get. A crevice tool and a combination upholstery and dusting tool are also included. Cleaning corners and crevices can be difficult without them, but that should not be a problem since you get the basic accessories in the pack.

bagged vacuum cleaners

Portability is also an important aspect. Since this vacuum weighs under 9lbs, you can easily pick it up and move it. Additionally, there is an extended telescoping wand and a 6ft hose, so you can move freely when cleaning.

And finally, the dust bag. This is what qualified this model for the position on our list, so we want to discuss it a bit more. The bag in this vacuum is easy to take out, and you can use it multiple times. Also, it eliminates any odor so you will not have to deal with that unpleasant scent that vacuums blow out sometimes. Additionally, the bags hold in all the allergens, and there is a HEPA filter which facilitates this.

Unfortunately, like any other product, our top recommendation has some downsides as well.

There is a suction control on the wand, which is convenient if you need less strength on some surfaces. But it is close to the hand so you will most certainly open it without noticing. It can be annoying since vacuuming with lower suction power takes more time, so you are wasting time if you do not see that you have opened the slider.

Also, the hose is not the best quality, and it kinks easily cutting the suction. However, it will last, and even if it breaks, it is pretty inexpensive.  


  • Anti-odor dust bag
  • Tools included
  • HEPA filter
  • 20ft cord
  • Under 9lbs
  • Consistent suction


  • Suction control placement
  • Low-quality hose

2. Best commercial bagged vacuum - Oreck XL2100RHS

best bagged vacuum cleaner

When it comes to bagged vacuums, there are many types inside this category as well. Since we are trying to make our list versatile and for almost everyone, we found a commercial vacuum to include here. If you are looking for a powerful, durable machine, our next model may be the right choice for you.

The Oreck XL21000RHS is an upright vacuum suitable for commercial use, mainly because of some remarkable features. It has a 35ft long cord, so it will definitely be enough for vacuuming a large space. Whether you want to use it in an office or in your home, it will do the job very well.

As for the surfaces, this Oreck model is suitable for many different flooring, including low pile carpets. It has a 12inch wide cleaning path, so it is somewhere in the middle. It is not too narrow, so you can cover more surface in one pass, but it is not too wide, which makes maneuvering easier. This width allows you to go around furniture and in corners.

Speaking of surfaces, you can expect optimum performance and smooth transition between bare floors and carpets, thanks to the automatic floor adjustment. The high-speed roller brush will ensure thorough and deep cleaning.

Oreck XL2100RHS bagged vacuum reviews

One very interesting fact is that this vacuum has the Ease-of-Use Commendation, received from the Arthritis Foundation. If you have this condition or any other, this vacuum should not be a burden for you. Additionally, it weighs only 8.2lbs.

Lastly, this vacuum comes with a top fill bag, meaning that the suction will not fade as the bag gets full. Also, the bag ensures fresh air and additional filtration.

As for the negatives, here are some we found.

As any extremely powerful vacuum, this one is also louder than what you are used to. It cannot be used in the evening or during nap time. Also, if you have noise-sensitive members of the household or pets, you may want to consider vacuuming when they are not around.

Another issue is that there is no nozzle or hose included. They make getting into corners and crevices a lot easier. The suction head on this model works fine, but spot vacuuming and getting into tight areas is impossible.


  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Recommended for people with arthritis or back pain
  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • Comes with a high-speed brush roll
  • Controls at your fingertips
  • 35ft long cord
  • Low profile


  • Very loud
  • No nozzle or hose

3. Best bagged canister vacuum - Kenmore 600

kenmore 600 bagged vacuum reviews

The next item on our list is a canister vacuum. We are aware that many of you on the market for a new cleaning tool do not want to experiment with robot vacuums or handheld ones. Canister vacuums are classic, and they usually provide you with enough suction power so you can clean any surface.

This Kenmore 600 model we have chosen is no different. It comes with two motors which ensure enough power for cleaning both bare floors and carpets. But even though this model is powerful, it is still fully portable and flexible. There is an aluminium telescoping wand which can be adjusted to reach anything you want to clean,.

Also, the vacuum itself has large wheels so you can pull it without picking it up to get it where you want to clean. However, if you need to pick it up, you should be aware that it is 22lbs so be prepared. There is also a 28ft cord, so you can reach a lot of space without having to look for a power outlet.

kenmore 600 bagged vacuum cleaner

The attachments are also important when cleaning. There is a specialized pet tool which is motorized so it will pull out hair and debris out of your carpets and into the vacuum. You get a crevice tool as well, in addition to the dusting brush and a bare floor tool.

As for those of you with allergies, you should know that this vacuum comes with a triple HEPA filter system which keeps almost all of the particles inside of the vacuum. There is also a bag, so cleaning and maintaining the vacuum is quick and effortless.

Now, let us tell you about some issues we have seen with this model.

The hose design is somewhat awkward. The hose goes straight from the canister, and it is not very flexible so you have to be careful when you pull the vacuum, or it seems like the hose can break easily.

Another issue is the quality of the attachments. Yes, they are important, but if they cannot do the job, they are useless. The attachments that come with this Kenmore model can do what they are supposed to, but their quality is questionable. Also, the bare floor brush is extremely small and impractical.


  • 10inch adjustable want
  • HEPA filtration
  • Pet tool
  • Suitable for bare floors and carpets
  • Two motors ensure more power
  • A place for storing bare floor brush on the vacuum
  • 28ft cord
  • Tools included


  • Hose design
  • Attachment quality

4. Best bagged vacuum for pet hair - Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet UH30310

Hoover UH30310 bagged vacuum reviews

As always, we try to find vacuums that will serve pet owners well. As a pet owner, you face some unique challenges. Pet hair everywhere, pet food, crumbs, cat litter, all of this is part of your daily life. It can be difficult to find one vacuum that can help you get rid of everything, especially if you have various surfaces in your home.

But do not lose hope! With the Hoover UH30310 model, you will be able to make your floors spotless and clean. Because of some excellent features this model has, we chose it as the best bagged vacuum for pet owners.

To begin with one of the strengths of this vacuum, it has a WindTunnel technology, which means that it can get deeper into soft surfaces such as carpet and draw out the dirt. You can count on it to deep clean your floors and be thorough. ‘

Another great feature is the activated carbon HEPA bag filter that keeps the allergens and dust inside the vacuum, which can be especially important if you have pets and children in your home.

Hoover UH30310 bagged vacuum

Additionally, when you want to replace the bag, it goes swiftly and easily. There is a door you open to get to the bag, so you do not have to waste a lot of time on it. If you want to empty the 2.9 L bag, there is a simple way to do that as well. Since there is a drop system integrated, you just put the bag above the trash and release the dirt with one touch.

This Hoover model also comes with a brush roll which you can turn on and off as necessary or when you are switching between surfaces. If and when you get close to the furniture and want to clean around it, you do not have to worry about bumping and damaging it, since there is a no-scuff bumper on the vacuum.

Besides the brush roll, you also get an upholstery pet tool, and I crevice tool which will aid you in getting rid of the mess your pets make in the corners of rooms or tight spaces, such as behind the sofa. An extension wand and a 12” hose will allow you to reach even more, together with a 30ft cord.

There are also some downsides we want to mention.

First one concerns the air exhaust. It is located on the left of the vacuum so it will blow away all the dirt on that side if there is any.

Another minor issue is that the cord cannot be automatically retracted, and since it is 30ft long, manually retracting it is annoying and takes time.  


  • WindTunnel system
  • Cleans deep and thorough
  • HEPA media filter bag
  • Easy to take out and empty the bag
  • 20ft cord
  • Accessories included
  • Suitable for bare floors and carpeting


  • Placement of the air exhaust
  • No retractable cord

5. Best bagged upright vacuum - Kenmore Elite 31150

Kenmore Elite 31150 bagged vacuum reviews

Our next pick belongs to the category of upright vacuums, which almost always means excellent performance and a lot of power. And this Kenmore Elite 31150 fits in that description perfectly.

The reason why this model is so powerful are the three motors that ensure 20% more power than a regular vacuum, and you can expect a fade-free suction as well. This suction will pick up hair, dirt, ground, food that dropped to the floor, dust and almost everything that comes to mind.

Kenmore Elite 31150 bagged vacuum

Additionally, there is a triple HEPA filter system, but all of you with allergies already know how you can benefit from it. But there are other groups of people that would enjoy using this model. For example, pet owners would definitely be pleased with a high-speed roller brush which can draw entangled hair out of your carpets, along with other debris.

Besides all of this, you also get three tools: a standard crevice tool, a dusting brush and an additional bare floor tool. You also get a hose and a 10” aluminum wand which allows you to reach further when cleaning.

If you want to save time, this Kenmore model could help you with that. Apart from having a 35ft long cord, it also has a 12.75” suction path, both of which cut the vacuuming time. There are also five height adjustments so you can smoothly transition from one surface to another.

When it comes to negatives, here are some of our remarks.

The hose is a very important part of a vacuum since it makes it more flexible. However, the hose which comes with this Kenmore model is pretty stiff and it is also short. Therefore, it does not provide enough flexibility and reach as it could.

Another issue is that this vacuum is almost 20lbs, one of the heaviest on our list. If you are looking for a lightweight item, this one is not it.


  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • triple HEPA filter benefits allergy sufferers
  • High-speed brush roll great for getting rid of pet hair
  • 35ft long cord
  • Three motors ensure optimum suction power
  • Tools included


  • Stiff and short hose
  • On the heavier side

6. Hoover UH30600

Hoover UH30600 bagged vacuum

Since we are looking for performance and quality, it makes sense that we include the best vacuum manufacturers in our list. One of the most famous ones is certainly Hoover, so there is a good reason why there are two of their models on our list.

When we looked at the best bagged vacuums, another Hoover model stood out and that it the UH30600 upright vacuum. This model is corded so you get maximum power and consistent suction. Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 technology once again ensures deeper cleaning and more thorough vacuuming.

If you have multiple flooring types in your home, this machine should fit your needs. It has seven height adjustments so it can transition between bare flooring and high-pile carpeting. Additionally, you can count on being able to reach up to 17 feet above your floors so you can clean the ceiling, curtains and more.

Hoover UH30600 bagged vacuum cleaner

Another great thing is that there are several useful tools in the pack. Besides the telescoping extension wand, you also get an extended 12-inch crevice tool, air-powered hand tool and a dusting brush. Combined with great suction, there is no mess that can defeat this vacuum.

Like many other models, this one also has a HEPA filter and traps almost all particles inside of the vacuum. The bag is easy to empty or replace, so this is an effortless process as well.

But even though Hoover is a renowned manufacturer with a good reputation, this model has some downsides.

The collapsing wand that comes with the vacuum collapses mid cleaning which is annoying. It has some trouble staying fixed in place so be aware of that.

Another thing is the LED light design flaw. Although you have a light, you cannot really use it because it points to the wall instead of the floor.


  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Seven floor settings
  • The brush roll can be turned off
  • Multiple channels of suction for more thorough cleaning
  • HEPA filter
  • Extended reach – up to 17ft


  • Collapsing wand collapses
  • Placement of the LED light

7. Panasonic MC-UG471

Panasonic MC-UG471 bagged vacuum

Our last model comes from another famous company – Panasonic. Their MC-HG471 model deserved a place on this list because of some remarkable features.

This model features a 12amp motor, so you get enough power for tackling any mess. However, although being powerful, this vacuum is pretty quiet, so you do not have to worry that more power will cost you your peace.

Since the suction is consistently strong, you can vacuum both various types of bare floors and low to mid pile carpeting. With a 15-inch suction path and a light on the nozzle. you will be able to cover a large space in no time while catching every speck of dirt you see.

This Panasonic also features a HEPA filter and improves air quality. The dust and dirt you pick up go directly to a bag, so you will not breathe it in, nor will it damage the motor and the fan.

Panasonic MC-UG471 bagged vacuum reviews

Another great thing about it is that you can reach beyond your floor to clean, mainly because of the 12.5ft dusting brush attachment. But this is not the only convenient feature. You can also automatically rewind the 24ft long cord, and automatically adjust the vacuum height depending on the surface you are on. Apart from the attachment we mentioned, there are also other tools included such as a crevice tool, another dusting brush, a stretch hose and two standard wands.

As for the negatives, here are some we noticed.

There is no bare floor setting on this vacuum. Therefore, the brush roll does not stop even when you are on bare floors, which simply does not work. Height settings are fine, but bare flooring does not require a brush roll

Also, the hose could be a bit longer and more flexible. It happens that the vacuum tips when you pull the hose, instead of the hose stretching a bit.


  • Powerful and quiet 12amp motor
  • HEPA filter
  • Wide cleaning path of 15 inches
  • Tools included
  • 5 ft tool for reaching above the floor
  • Height adjustments
  • Automatic cord rewind reel


  • No bare floor setting
  • Short hose

The best bagged vacuum has many benefits

Bagless vacuums are a more popular option today since they are more cost-efficient and eco-friendlier. However, there are some advantages to bagged vacuums as well.

Allergy sufferers can benefit from this type of vacuum since the bag itself acts as a filter and makes sure no dust or allergens go out of the vacuum. Another plus is that when the bag gets full, you get rid of it without having to see or touch the dirt like when emptying dirt cups.

If this sounds appealing, the best bagged vacuum is waiting for you somewhere, you just have to find it. With the help of reviews and a little luck, you should find your next cleaning tool.