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Amazing Types of Bathroom Mirror That Make Your Bathroom Look Luxury

Mirrors are important accessories for your home’s interior decoration. Mirrors complete and complement the look and visual appeal of the home. Bathroom mirrors not only serve the function of complimenting your bathroom’s interior but are also used to serve functional needs.


bathroom mirror ideas

A bathroom is a place of high moisture and humidity. Humidity will affect the exterior coating at the back of a mirror and cause it to break down. The bathroom, especially one with a shower, will be humid most of the time, and this will produce ample steam in the bathroom. This will damage your mirror with time in the absence of moisture resistance.

So, using a standard mirror in the bathroom will be based on your preference but know that it will not last long in there. Also, it is advised to go for frameless mirrors in the bathroom because humidity can affect your wooden or metal frames, and these will deteriorate alongside the mirror if they are regular mirrors.

For a pleasant experience and a more durable option, it is best to opt for bathroom mirrors. These were produced with the problem of humidity and moisture in mind. You may still use your regular mirrors in the bathroom but do it with the informed knowledge that regular mirrors will not last in the bathroom due to the moisture and high humidity.


  • Full-Length Mirrorbathroom mirror design

Full-length mirrors make your bathroom look bigger and reflect lots of natural light into the bathroom. They can be mounted in the bathroom horizontally or vertically.

They can be mounted over the vanity in the bathroom to produce a creative, reflective surface that complements the bathroom’s interior and adds some style. You can also install full-length mirrors across the bathroom’s vanity to make the bathroom look spacious and to achieve increased light reflection into the bathroom.

  • LED Lighted Mirror

unique bath mirrors

Led lighted mirrors are mirrors that have a LED light source built into them. The LED lights are placed all around the mirror’s sides to illuminate the bathroom while also being used for practical needs.

The LED lighted mirrors have evolved over the years, and the designs do not only brighten up your bathroom, but they are also made to look like natural light, which makes them perfect for personal grooming needs.

They are especially suited for bathrooms that lack the presence of windows. Lighted mirrors will assist in lightening up the bathroom. Big lighted mirrors can be mounted above the vanity, and smaller ones can be incorporated into the setup of individual vanity.

  • Decorative Mirror

pictures of bathroom mirrors

Decorative mirrors are just what they are – decorative. They are creative additions to your space, and they bring some creative and artistic feel to the bathroom. They are accessible in several sizes and shapes. They are also incorporated with fascinating design elements with unique shapes blended with details like the sun, flowers, or geometric shapes.

Decorative mirrors also sport ornate and exquisitely designed frames that make your bathroom glamorous and unique with a modern touch.

Decorative mirrors are produced mostly in small sizes. You can use this uniquely by arranging with multiple decorative mirrors to create an artistic pattern. This adds visual appeal to your bathroom and makes the display unique.

  • Bluetooth Mirrors

bathroom mirrors ideas

Bluetooth mirrors resonate with technology in modern times. They incorporate technology, which is a representation of the present times by providing homeowners and individuals with the benefit of syncing their music devices or phones with the mirror. The mirror allows wireless connections with your computer, mobile phone, or music device.

Bluetooth mirrors also sport led lights. The real deal with Bluetooth mirrors is that once you sync your device with the mirror, you can play and listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and playlists safely while in the bathroom.

This prevents your phone from getting wet and potential bathroom accidents that may occur if your phone falls into the water. This makes your experience in the bathroom a fun-filled, relaxing, and satisfying one.

  • Mirrored Cabinets

framed bathroom mirror ideas

Mirrored cabinets combine shelf space, mirror, and storage into a multi-functioning and fascinating design. Mirrored cabinets offer the benefits of bathroom mirrors while providing you with extra storage space. They light up and brighten your bathroom due to the large reflective surface.

Some act as standalone mirrored cabinets while others are incorporated into the bathroom’s vanity. You can store toiletries, bathroom supplies, and medicines that you want to keep away from the children in the cabinet.

  • Pivot Mirrors

cool bathroom mirrors

Pivot mirrors are equipped with an adjustable mount that moves away from the wall. They are also angled to cover different directions. This helps you get the right view during practical uses like makeup application or hair styling.


Frameless bathroom mirrors are exotic additions to your bathrooms. You can get your frameless bathroom mirrors from Fab Glass and Mirrors in various styles, shapes, and designs. Available shapes include:

modern bathroom mirror ideas

  • Round mirrors
  • Oval mirrors
  • Square mirrors
  • Rectangle mirrors
  • Heart mirrors
  • Arch mirrors
  • Octagon mirrors
  • Diamond mirrors


  • Bathroom and Mirror Size

bathroom vanity mirror ideas

The bathroom size is a factor that will affect the size of the mirror you choose for your bathroom. A small bathroom will require a large mirror, and this will make the bathroom more massive than it looks.

Also, if there is a bathroom vanity, make sure the mirror is not wider than your vanity’s size. Choose a mirror that has the same width dimension as your vanity to create an aligned look.

  • Feng Shui

bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom

Whether you are someone who believes in Feng Shui or not, taking some Feng Shui considerations can help you achieve a design that is balanced visually and spiritually.

Face your mirrors to the east to promote health. Face the mirror towards the window, so it reflects the beautiful view outside the bathroom. This attracts positive energy to the house.

  • Mirror Installation

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In the case of a renovation, existing bathroom mirrors will need to be removed. Most bathroom mirrors are glued, and not wall mounted. To remove safely, tape the mirror with paper and tape for safety and pry the mirror from top to bottom on the wall gently.

Most mirrors will come with an installation guide but hang the mirror in an efficient, safe way and make sure the installation method used supports the mirror weight. If it looks confusing, hire a professional to install the new mirror.

  • Budget and cost

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Mirrors can cost anything from $100 and can go as high $1000 or even more. Bathroom mirror costs are determined by size, frame, type, and brand choice.

For additional options like a Led lighted mirror or a Bluetooth mirror, expect that the price will be considerably higher than mirrors without one.