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7 Factors To Consider When Buying A New Home In 2022: By Security Experts

There is nothing more exciting than buying your own house!

After months and years of living in rents, sharing with intolerable roommates, the aura of being able to buy your own personal space is phenomenal. You are excited about the decorations, the number of rooms and what each one would look like.

However, among the enthusiasm of playing with the different aesthetics, we tend to forget one important thing;


When you are making a checklist of all the things that should be making them according to the level of importance. So it goes,



Security, and

The rest matters visually.

Reasons Why Home Security Is So important

If you are wondering, ‘there are locks and they are sturdy. Why spend so much on smart security equipment?’

  • A simple answer to that question would be the growing technology. Unfortunately, you can never replace technology with a lock and a key. Plus, with technology occupying most sectors of our lives, criminal activities are also advancing.
  • Your house has to evolve as well to protect yourself from these high-end intrusions and burglaries. If you stay with your family and you have practically defenseless members, for example, a baby or elderly person.
  • You need these home security measures not just because of yourself but to protect the precious lives who reside along. Plus, having an iron-clad technologically improved security system can give you a goodnight’s sleep; without much worry.
  • Home security is also important to intimidate potential burglars. Whenever they see a house that lacks security, it automatically becomes a target for such activities.

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Factors To Consider Security Wise When Buying A New Home

Now, this home could be a single house or an apartment, but ensure that you check all the ten pointers mentioned below. These are crucial elements in security when buying a new home.

1. The Structure Of The House

You have to check the state of the house first. Then, go inside and thoroughly check the walls and all the openings—every window and door, from the back door to the attic window to garage doors and gates.

Nothing should be left behind because the house looks beautiful. You might not know of a secret door or a weak opening, which can pose a grave danger in the later years.

2. Current Security System

This is especially applicable if you are looking for an apartment. An apartment generally has its own security systems—for example, a security guard and intercom communication and locked beepers to let someone in.

There is no such thing as being too careful. Even if your apartment has a security system, you should always get some extra safeguards.

3. Location Of The House

The location of the house is very important. Not only should it be at a comfortably commutable distance from your office, but your location also decides what kind of neighbors you will be residing with.

Try to find out everything about the people in the location before you finally sign the papers.

4. The Nearest Hospital & Police Station

This is another crucial element you should never overlook. In terms of security and protection, you need to have a police station, a fire station, and a hospital.

Because in terms of emergency, it wouldn’t matter how much in isolation you are dwelling, but how soon you will be able to combat the situation.

5. The Neighbourhood Security Measures

Yes, you need to take care of your own security measures, but at the same time, study the neighborhood security measures.

Is there any surveillance system in your apartment or neighborhood streets? Are there any police officers patrolling the area, etc.?

6. History Of Intrusion & Burglary

What is the crime history in the neighborhood? Is the intrusion rate high or low? These are some of the important questions you should ask your broker.

No, these are not an insinuation that your house will also be subjected to these crimes, but it never hurts to take that extra precaution.

7. Existence Of Surveillance Camera

A surveillance camera somehow gives us a sense of protection even if they have no attack strategy of their own.

However, if you are moving into an apartment, ensure they have security cameras or motion sensors. If not, then get them personally installed for your own door and hallway. Get the wireless kinds as they are easy to install.

8. Maintenance Budget

When you buy a house or an apartment, the job doesn’t end there. Think of it as a child that you have to take care of.

When looking for a home to live in, check its age and other elements that will require daily maintenance. This will also include the new things which you wish to renovate, so always add these costs to the purchase price.

This will help you make a clear-cut budget.

9. The Attic, The Basement & The Perimeter

If you are purchasing a house that comes with its own attic and basement, do not keep these areas for later.

They are the perfect hotspot for crime since burglars hiding in the attic and basements are increasing along with the perimeter with a garage, a driveway, or a maintenance room.

They are the weak links of your house, and you should think about securing the first.

10. Home Down Payment

Chances are, if you are not filthy rich or have your savings for years, you will be purchasing a house on loan. Check the down payment with an interest rate, the mortgage rate, and everything in between before applying for a loan.

You do not want financial trouble after you are comfortably settled in your new home.

Final Note

Whether it is fire, intruders, or economic challenges, security is very important when you are investing in a property.

So, avoid taking impulsive steps when you are making such a high-end purchase. In terms of security, always take advice or help from a professional.