served Sat & Sun 9am-4pm


lighten up

early bird granola with local milk                                                                           7

early bird granola parfait with local yogurt                                                             9.5

& fresh fruit

branch out

potato salad: warm potatoes provencal,

baby arugula, lemon & evo, parm reggiano w/ grilled toast                                  11.75

french toast: citrus dipped brioche

w/ sautéed apples, pears & dried cherries                                                            11.75

scramble  served with local eggs, potatoes provencal & grilled toast

wild mushrooms & fontina scramble                                                                    11.75

smoked salmon, dill & goat cheese scramble                                                       11.75

roasted tomatoes, arugula & fontina scramble                                                     11.75

truffled egg & parm scramble                                                                              11.75


aidell’s chicken & apple sausage                                                                         4.0

double smoked bacon                                                                                         4.0

potatoes provencal                                                                                              4.0

grilled walnut toast w/ dried fruits compote                                                         4.0

sticky pecan buns                                                                                                4.0

assorted croissant                                                                                               3.5


fresh squeezed orange juice                                                                                4.0

fresh squeezed grapefruit juice                                                                            4.0


mimosa with fresh squeezed oj                                                                            9.0

mimosa with fresh grapefruit                                                                               9.0

kir royale                                                                                                             9.0

bottomless Italian Roast Coffee                                                                           4.0

pot of Tazo tea                                                                                                    3.0