Where is my BRUNCH???

We are taking the Home/Made brunch experience to our larger neighborhood space, Atelier Roquette (63 Commerce Street). We want to see what our brunch would be like in a larger space, with more room to work, and more seats for you all!!! We are hoping it will result in shorter wait times for tables, and the ability to expand our menu a bit! It's an experiment, but we're very excited to see what Popping Up in a larger space yields!

How come Home/Made isn't open full time anymore?

Home/Made was hit very hard in Superstorm Sandy, and there are still some things to repair and replace, almost 3 years later. Most of the small businesses in Red Hook received minimal outside assistance, and had to finance their recovery on their own. For us at Home/Made, it made sense for us to focus on our catering business which could generate more income than Home/Made could open full time with only 20 seats, so that's what we have done.

We are coming to the end of the rebuilding road, and we look forward to reopening Home/Made for wine bar cafe hours in the coming months!!!

I miss your evening food, how can I have it?

We love to host private parties for groups of 15 or more, and we prepare our beautiful cheese plates, grilled flatbreads, pizza's, market vegetables and other treats for you and your friends. From 40.00/ person plus Bar & Gratuity. Our Home is your home for the evening!

We also do extensive off premises catering, everything from a cheese plate to go, to dinner for 200. email: monica@roquettecatering.com for more information