sample brunch menu


lighten up                                             

white moustache persian yogurt ask server for daily flavors7.0

early bird granola with milk    8.0

early bird granola parfait with plain yogurt & home/made dried fruits compote12.



thick brioche cinnamon toast                         4.0

cardamom pecan honey butter on thick brioche toast                 7.0

salty burnt caramel on thick brioche toast                     7.0

dark chocolate ganache with evo & maldon salt on brioche toast             8.0

home/made citrus ricotta & fresh fruit butter on thick brioche toast            11.0

home/made citrus ricotta on grilled walnut bruschetta w/ local honey        11.0


branch out

potato salad: warm potatoes provencal, greens , dijon vinegrette w/ grilled toast    12.75        

croque signore: carmelized onions, speck, and béchamel topped with gruyere on brioche    12.75

open faced blt: filone , basil aioli, greens, roasted tomatoes & bacon        12.75

put an egg on it:  2.0

french toast: thick brioche w/ sautéed apples, pears, dried cherries & salty burnt caramel     12.75


scrambles:  served with potatoes provencal & grilled walnut toast    


wild mushrooms & fontina scramble                    12.75

smoked salmon, dill & goat cheese scramble                    12.75

roasted tomatoes & fontina scramble                    12.75    

truffled egg & parm scramble                        12.75

caramelized onion & gruyere                        12.75


add any cheese or vegetable                        2.0

add salmon or truffle oil                        4.0

substitution of greens for potatoes or toast                    2.0

egg whites                                2.0



aidell’s chicken & apple sausage                        4.5

double smoked bacon                            4.5

potatoes provencal w/ chipotle aioli                    4.0

sticky pecan bun                            4.5

croissant                                3.0

side of home/made dried fruits compote                    2.0



fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice                    4.5

warm mulled cider                            4.0

bottomless coffee (per person)                        4.0

pot of tea                                3.5

iced tea or coffee                            3.0

with soy milk                              .75